Miss Referente's Class Newsletter

Week of December 7-8

"Healthy Habits"

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This week we talked about exercise and healthy habits. We reviewed healthy food choices and started with some alphabet exercise. We used the letters of the alphabet to do fun exercises that get us moving! For example, B is for ‘bounce’ and M is for ‘marching’. Some friends were able to identify the letter and sound and by associating the word with the picture, be able to tell what the action was. Some friends followed the action displayed by the picture. Some friends repeated the letter being read and imitated the action.

In practicing good habits of personal hygiene and health, we talked about sequence of brushing our teeth. We worked on the skill of sequencing by organizing the events of what happens and talking about time. We also talked about healthy habits we do during the day and night and sorted pictures that go in the day vs. night. Identifying the time of day and events is a good way to recall information and talk about time. Some friends identified pictures and were able to verbalize what was happening. Knowing the sequence of events can help friends organize themselves and what they need to do or expect.

We read different versions of The Gingerbread Man. We talked about what happened first, next, and last. Recalling the sequence of events helps students learn to logically think through the steps required to complete a task. It may also help students remember the events of a story or how to write an original story. Sequential order, or placing items in the order in which they occur, is an important precursor to other skills. Sequencing events in reading, leads to understanding a story. Finding sequences in math is a basic algebra skill. In social studies, the sequence of discoveries or happenings helps friends to understand how one event can lead to another. Some friends were able to tell the story in chronological order, others were just able to recall various parts in the story, while some told a story by looking at the pictures.

We went to the library and Mrs. Schuler read Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovic. Max the duck is cooking up an amazing soup. But what's this? A feather floating in the soup! And where's Max? Brody the dog, Dakota the cat, and Bebe the bird race about in their hilarious search for the missing Max. But remember, sometimes things just aren't as they appear.

We cooked a gingerbread man and it ran away from us just like in the story. Everyone helped to find him! We talked about the different stories and what it tasted and smelled like, then we voted on whether we liked it or not!

Books we read:

The Gingerbread Man retold by Brenda Parkes and Judith Smith

The Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Campbell Ernst

The Gingerbread Cowboy by Janet Squires

The Gingerbread Boy (Youtube Video)

Word of the Week: Habita usual way of behaving : something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way.

Next Week’s Word of the Week: Optionsthe opportunity or ability to choose something or to choose between two or more things.

Letters of the Week: Pp. Li. Rr

Dates to Remember: (also check your Beaty Calendar for more info)

December 15 – Winter Party (AM-9:55; PM-2:10)

December 19–January 2 – WINTER BREAK – NO SCHOOL

Ideas for Home:

-Read, Read, Read!

-have your child log on to their iStation

-Play Alphabet exercise and think of actions that start with the letter of the alphabet and move!

-Talk about the events of you day when you are together.

-Make gingerbread or gingerbread cookies.

Visit our class webpage to see what things we are doing in class!!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email or call me!

The Gingerbread Man

Giving Tree (items you can voluntarily donate for our class)

-different colors of glitter for art

-popsicle sticks for art

-googly eyes for art