Internet Safety

By Jada McNeil

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying means the use of electric communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. Basically the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously. What can you do to stop it?

  1. Know that it isn't your fault
  2. Don't respond or retaliate
  3. Save the evidence
  4. Tell the person to stop
  5. Reach out for help
  6. Protect your accounts

#IAmAWitness Animated Video | Bullying Prevention | Ad Council

Social Media

Social media means websites or applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. Approximately 65% of the world every single day uses social media.

Fun facts about social media

  1. Facebook has about 1.49 billion active users a day
  2. Instagram has over 400 million users

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A hacking is someone who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. Hacker used to mean someone who uses an ax to make furniture but that meaning obviously changes into something bad.
Computer Hacking


Texting means sending a message through technology. About 8.3 trillion text messages are sent each day. Teens are texting constantly. People of the age range of 18-29, 95% of them have been texting.
Yahoo’s New Livetext Messenger Combines Video and Texting

Texting and Driving

Texting while driving, also called texting and driving, is the act of composing, sending, reading text messages, email, or making similar use of the web on a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle. More than 3,000 teens have died because of it.
Texting While Driving - AT&T Teen Driving Survey | AT&T

Identity Theft

Identity theft means the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identity information, usually for financial gain. Identity theft occurs every two seconds.
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Streaming is a method of transmitting or receiving data. Pandora, sound cloud, Netflix, hulu those are all examples of streaming. Teens are streaming online all the time.

Online homework

This is a type of school work that is assigned to be done outside of the classroom online. Examples of sites this could be done on is google classroom or really any google site.
Homework Hero (Watch, even if you hate homework!)


Teens are researching things all the time. Ranging from things for school all the way to things that aren't appropriate at all. We can't stop it though so why try. You can do research for a paper or you can research a word if you don't know it. This also means to investigate systematically.
Research ethics

Job Searching

This means the act of searching for employment online. If you live out of state where the job you want is you could easily look up things about that job. A job search happens when a teen is almost out of school and looking for a job. Or for someone who is unemployed or in search of a better job.
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