By Brooke Saiter

Religious Persecution

In Iran people are religiously persecuted, there are very few Christians there. Christians there get harassed and beaten for their faith, that is why people leave Iran. People leave this country because they want the right to worship who and what they please, they migrate to close by countries with this freedom, and sometimes the U.S.

Ethnic Persecution

In Tibet the Tibetans have been ethnically persecuted by the Chinese for a long time. The Chinese invaded and tried to wipeout all of the Tibetan culture, sending many in exile. The Tibetans want to leave Tibet because persecution is wrong.

Environmental factors

In Japan a few years ago there was a tsunami and an earthquake that destroyed everything. People have left Japan because of the suffering and pain, they come to the U.S or England to get away from the destroyed environment.

Economic Motives

In Cuba, a president was elected promising democracy, though he changed the government into a communism. Cubans made house made boats and traveled to the U.S for freedom, they did this because their rights were taken away.

Political factors

People in England might leave because they do not believe in a Monarchy, or in the health care system. Some people believe in little or a lot of health care and Great Britain might not reach their standards. If they did then they would come to the U.S.

Forced Migration

In Africa forced migration is spreading, mostly south if the Sahara. In Sudan alone, up to 6 million people are thought to be internally displaced, more than in any other country in the world. People leave there because they don't have another choice, they would probably love to come to America, though they can't afford it.