Comparing And Contrasting FDR & LBJ

Made by Chase, Paige, Molly, Daniella, and Corbin

Everyday Life

Franklin D. Roosevelt grew up in Hyde Park, New York, 1882. On the other hand, Lyndon B. Johnson was born in Stonewall, Texas, 1908. FDR was very wealthy while LBJ was poor. LBJ had to work through his challenges as a poor boy. He showed diligence through those times. FDR didn't have to work as hard and he had lot's of land and a summer house. FDR looked up to Theodore ("Teddy") Roosevelt. Theodore was the president. LBJ looked up to his father, and liked to listen to his conferences. His father was a Tennessee congressman. Lyndon one day wishes to be president so he can stop poverty. FDR wishes he could become president so he can make changes to the country.

How They Became President

Franklin D. Roosevelt got elected as senator in 1910. He loved being involved in things that was good for the country. Later in Franklin's life, he decided to run for governor and he won. On the other hand, Lyndon got elected as a congressman in 1931. I fact, he was the youngest member of Congress. He ran for the House of Representatives and he felt strongly confident and he had a smile on his face when he won. They both wanted justice for all when they worked hard and tried there best to achieve something. The day finally came they both got elected as for president but not on the same day.


Similarities and differences between "New Deal"and "Great Society"

Franklin D. Roosevelt created the "New Deal". It was a processes to help us eliminate the "Great Depression" during the 1940's. The New Deal got everyone jobs, homes, and food. After that the Great Depression came back when Lyndon B. Johnson was president he thought of the "Great Society". It was just like the New Deal.They were alike because both of them helped us though the Great Depression.They are different because they had different programs. The New Deal had the WPA, CCC, and TVA. The WPA meant Works Progress Association. The CCC meant Civilian Cooperation Corp. The TVA meant Tennessee Valley Association. The Great Society's programs were the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.

Vietnam War and WWII

WWII started in 1939. The two sides that fought were, the Allie and Axis powers. More people died in WWII than any other war. Experts guess that 40 to 50 million people died. Japan was on the side with Germany and Italy, and Adolf Hitler started WWII. The army of WWII had to exercise for the war, and to get ready for battle. Here is the Vietnam War. Over 58,000 Americans had been killed and 300,000 had been wanted. It started in 1959. France started the Vietnam War because they put taxes on the poor farmers.