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Monday, September 14

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Survey - Due 9/14/20 by 11:59 p.m.

Please take a moment to fill out the DVUSD Return to School survey We need to know parent decisions about students returning to in-person learning, and as such, we ask that you complete a parent/guardian selection form. The selection you indicate for your child on the form link below will be in effect through the end of the first semester. If you have multiple children, you will complete the selection form for each child. You will be asked to input your student's DVUSD student ID. This selection process must be completed by 11:59 p.m. Monday, September 14.


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You are invited to join the Anthem Admin team on Zoom Friday, September 18 between 11:00 - 12:00. We will be online ready to talk!

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Attention K- 3 parents/guardians

Please see the letters below regarding Move On When Reading. If you have any questions, please email the reading specialist, Mrs. Cooper ( or Deb Roets (
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Hello Families,

Our motto for this week is:

I am willing to introduce myself
and get to know new people.

Small talk is an important skill because it builds social confidence and is fairly easy to learn. While small talk can be viewed as superficial or shallow, studies show that to have more meaningful and in-depth conversations; small talk is often the first step. People who are skilled at small talk are also happier, according to this recent study.

"In recent years, small talk has been belatedly recognized as a beneficial feature of everyday life. For example, studies indicate that people are happier when they talk to others, even if it is just strangers on a subway, and even if it is just small talk."
- Dr. Frank T. McAndrew

Helping students feel confident approaching and easily speaking with others is only a matter of teaching them a few skills and then encouraging them to put those skills to use. Once students understand that starting a conversation with someone new requires just three easy steps, they tend to feel more confident. The steps we share are:

  1. Introduce yourself. (Say hello and say your name.)
  2. Ask questions. (What's your favorite class, book, sport, etc.)
  3. Say goodbye. (Say goodbye and add, "It was nice speaking with you.")

When students have a frame to follow, they feel more prepared. I like to add that between each step, there will likely be awkward silences and not to overly worry about them because they are a natural part of conversations. However, you can always lessen the duration of an awkward silence by asking questions.

Good manners and kindness are always in fashion.

Another tool I like to use to help my kids practice their communication skills is when we have company. I call it, "Ask 3, Tell 3." I share this each year because it is a favorite of mine, and it works! When you have company over, grandparents or aunts and uncles are perfect, ask your children to share three things about themselves throughout the visit and then have them ask three things about the visitors.

"The Ask 3 & Tell 3" is an easy thing to implement at home and not only helps build better social skills, but it helps build better relationships too!

Here is the E.Q. Student Newsletter with strategies for this week!

Wishing you well,

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q.


DVUSD is offering free breakfast/lunch through Dec. 2020. Meals are provided for ALL children under the age of 18. Meals can be picked up curbside at Anthem School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-1 & 4-6. See you there!

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