Talking Drums

History of the Talking Drum

The talking drum is a Western African hourglass drum which when played correctly can resemble human speech. it dates all the way back to the Ghana empire and culturally means a way of communication. The construction makes it look hourglass like and it is made out of wood and various sizes of the drums exist.

Reasons someone would want to purchase one

Someone would want to buy one of these because they could use these as a means of communication with their family. They could all teach each other how to use these and then they could communicate from far away without anyone knowing what they are saying. Also knowing this would be helpful in case you were in Western Africa.

Compared with other Western Music

The western music style was highly influenced by the Arabic style of music. Therefore they brought over different versions of solo music songs and also they sang in choruses. The Rhythms they had were very complex. This is different from the talking drums because they are actually talking.

Compared to the Griot or Jelli and modern technology

The Griot was a story teller and also to sing and to play music. This is like the talking drums because he has the ability to talk and say stuff to people like the drums did just it was a human. This is also compared to modern technology because in the modern technology we can talk over long places without having to see the person we can even text and we don't have to use our voices which is different from then because they had to be in a relative distances to hear the drums
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