This Week in the Library

May 30-June 3, 2016

Library NewsNotes

Do you miss reference works? There is a book out there for you. Other topics include a look organizations that destroy their data and organizations that maybe share too much.

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Library Wins Again

Each year the university hosts the "Golden Hashtags." These are the awards for social media on campus. This year the library won four categories outright and shared a fifth award with the campus community.

Here are some examples:

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Get Ready for the New Media Formats Exhibition on Level 3

The new exhibition will be very hands on. All sorts of gear will be available to touch. To make things even more interactive, you will be able to try your hand at a classic video game format. We're encouraging everyone to give it a try and to post images of their high scores on our Facebook page or on Twitter & Instagram with @hbll.

Plan Ahead for Blood Drive on June 13

The library is hosting the Red Cross blood drive this June. Something to think about if you are planning to donate in the near future.
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