Boston Massacre

bloddy murder

What It Was

  • Was the killing of 5 colonists
  • Occured March 5, 1770
  • It was somewhat of an appereance of tensions, because of the troops that had shown up to enforce the taxes

Who did this heroic act of declaring independence

  • Crispus Attucks
  • Samuel Gray
  • James Caldwell
  • Samuel Maverick
  • Patrick Carr

They were the ones who were apart of the boycotting against all of these taxes. They were killed for standing up and paving a way for their independence.

The paving of the Independence

So many things happened to make our independence official, none of the people that were alive during that time are alive now. But we can still thank them.

It all came down to how much they wanted it.

  • The Boston Tea party
  • The Stamp Act
  • The Boston Massacre
  • The Declaratory act
Were all part of the boycotting that led to us having independence.