Mr. Hanna's Ag Classes

Do the Small Things Right, Big Things will Happen

Teacher Bio:

Hello my name is Austin Hanna. I am originally from Lorena, TX and this is my 6th year in teaching. I am excited to be at Breckenridge!

I have my Associates from Navarro College in Ag Mechanics and also received my Bachelor's degree from Sam Houston State University in Ag Mechanics with minors in Animal Science and Ag Business.

I have a background in the "industry". I have worked on farms and ranches through college, ran a feed store, and my last job before going into teach was lineman apprentice.

I feel as though this work experience helps me relate to the kids what is expected of them when they get into the real world. I am also a firm believer in the learn by doing, the majority of the shop classes will have projects with the intent of that welding, constructing, fabricating need to be reinforced by repetitive actions doing it in the shop.

Teaching: Ag Mechanics & Metal Technologies, Ag Structure & Design, Ag Design & Fab, Welding, and Small Animal Management

Coaching: Radio Broadcasting, Tractor Technician, Forages, Range, Land, Plant ID

SAE Projects: All Ag Mech and Livestock Projects

How to contact Mr. Hanna

Office hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm. Communication outside these hours will be answered on an emergency only basis. Please refrain from text, calling, email, etc. outside these hours unless it is a dire emergency.