Ms. Lee's Classroom News

January 29, 2016

Take Note...

A note from Mrs. Backes:

If your child has a speaking part for the 2nd grade BUGZ program, you need to be practicing at home. The parts must be memorized! She is looking forward to a great performance on February 18th.

Student-Led Conferences are next Thursday. A note was sent home regarding times that fit your schedules. Unfortunately, I did not receive some of those back. A NEW NOTE IS COMING HOME TODAY! The classroom will be closed from 4:30-5:00. Bring your child with you for some fun activities between 3:00-4:15 OR 5:00-6:30. Monday will be reserved for anyone wishing to have a private conference.

The PTO is collecting auction items for the Chili Supper on Feb. 18. The 2nd Grade has been assigned the theme: Petite Picasso/Let's Get Crafty. If you can help out, please send your items to school on or before Feb. 8. Thanks!

Don't forget...Reading Logs are worth 8 points every Monday! We are trying to get the kids ready for 3rd grade. All 2nd graders should be responsible and get these turned in! On the same note, I have several kids every day without their homework. This is a very easy way for them to earn a Brag Tag!

We will begin cursive writing on Monday. Please let me teach the letters here at school and I will send practice sheets home for you to reinforce at night. Thanks!


READING: I CAN use information gained from the words and illustrations to demonstrate understanding of characters, setting, and plot.

WRITING: I CAN write informative texts in which I introduce a topic, use facts, and provide a concluding statement. We will be using what we've learned next week as we begin a research project!

SPELLING: I CAN spell my core words this week: get, through, back, much, go.

LANGUAGE: I CAN make contractions and take contractions apart.

MATH: I CAN collect data, create a line plot, and make conclusions about my work.

SCIENCE: I CAN predict what will happen when a magnet is near magnetic and non magnetic objects. I CAN demonstrate how a magnet attracts or repels using its poles.


February 4: Student-Led Conferences

February 8: Private Conferences

PTO auction items due

February 11: Valentine's Party

February 12 & 15: NO SCHOOL

February 18: 2nd Grade performs BUGZ

PTO Chili Supper & Auction

Hardworking and Motivated keep trying and you don't give up!