Family Engagement Staff Memo

April 21, 2015

From the desk of Mike Kildee

Over the last couple of months we have undergone some departmental changes that may have you a little confused. As we work to build a strong GISD Head Start we need to make sure we are all on the same page about our responsibilities. Our team is responsible for the following ERSEA requirements:

  • Determining eligibility of students
  • Recruiting new students
  • Selecting eligible students appropriately
  • Enrolling students
  • Monitoring attendance procedures and following through with absences

The ERSEA work will be led and monitored by Shirley Lee. As a team, it is required that we work together to support her efforts to bring us up to speed in this area. We need to strive for continued improvement in meeting the performance standards for ERSEA. Please direct questions about ERSEA related issues to Shirley.

In addition to supporting this work, I will focus on growing our family engagement work to ensure that all GISD Head Start families are fully engaged in their child's learning experience while they are with us. In addition to the ERSEA responsibilities listed above, we are responsible for the following Family Engagement expectations:

  • Family partnerships/goals and the "Family Life Practices."
  • Parent education and family activities that support "Family Life Practices."
  • Required health documentation follow up and accurate documentation
  • Program Governance - Parent Committee and full representation at Parent Policy Council
  • Data Systems - COPA/ChildPlus accurate and timely data entry
  • Classroom support/transportation. As a team, FE staff will continue to support the needs of the program to ensure that children and families are safe at all times.

This work in promoting parental involvement is a critical element of high-quality early childhood education and is directly related to school readiness and later academic success. Please feel free to direct questions about these changes and expectations to Dr. Fleming, if you need more clarity. We appreciate your continued commitment and hard work - you play an essential role in the success of this program!

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