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February 9, 2018

Snow Day Update

Our mid-week ice storm has caused us to add another make-up day to our calendar! Be sure to add this information to YOUR family calendar!

January 12th will be made up on Monday, February 19th.

January 15th will be made up on Monday, March 19th.

January 16th will be made up on Tuesday, March 20th.

January 17th will be made up on Wednesday, March 21st.

January 18th will be made up on Thursday, March 22nd.

February 7th will be made up on Friday, March 23rd.

Subsequent missed days will be made up after June 1.

SRT and IYS on Thursday!

We missed our State-wide Readiness Test (SRT) because of our snow day! Therefore, SCSD2 will participate in the state-wide makeup day. We will participate in the activity next Thursday morning. Remember that this event is a test of Pearson's capacity to handle the internet load and of our iPads' ability to connect to Pearson. This test is not scored.

In conjunction with the SRT on Thursday, SMS will also participate in the Indiana Youth Survey (IYS). The IYS is a state-wide, online, anonymous survey to find out youth opinions about bullying, safety, substance use, and more. We do get school-wide feedback (no names) that allows us to plan guidance programming to support what students identify as needs.

Both the SRT and the IYS will be given in homeroom on Thursday morning.

Support the Homeless/Wear PJ Pants

The SMS DI team is sponsoring a Pajama Pant/Onesie Day on Valentine’s Day! To participate in this special event, we ask you to donate one dollar. All the donations will be used to buy supply kits for homeless people of Scott County. Proceeds will be given to Jesus Cares at Exit Zero, a non-profit group providing services for the homeless in southern Indiana.

Many of us don’t think or believe that there are any homeless people in our county. Even though we don’t see many people sitting on the streets, several people don’t have permanent homes of their own. Please help the homeless in our community by donating.

If you would like to donate more than a dollar, it would be extremely beneficial and appreciated. Donations will be made in the main hallway. If you have any questions, ask Mallory McGlothlin, Lara McGlothlin, or Sarah Everett.

Brain Science

Have you ever watched a teacher explain a new concept and TOTALLY understand, only to have forgotten the information a few hours later when attempting homework? If so, you are a living example of neural pathway development!

The growth mindset concept (we can get better at things if we persevere and practice) is predicated on brain science. Each of our brains is filled with neurons that connect and strengthen as we fire 'thoughts' (impulses down neural pathways). When you learn something new, you create a pathway that is thin and fragile. When you practice that process, you actually strengthen the pathway- making the path larger and faster.

Check out the image below. Notice the difference in the size of the neurons. Find a neuron that represents something you are great at doing. Now find a neuron that represents something new that you've just started to learn. There is a difference!

It's brain science. Your brain needs to practice things, especially difficult things, to grow and strengthen. If you do something once, your pathway will be tiny and you may forget about it or be unable to find it when you need to perform the task again. To strengthen your neural pathways, try any or all of the list below:

  • doing all of the assigned practice,
  • asking questions,
  • connecting the concept to something you know, and/or
  • taking on higher level challenges.

We've got several rounds of testing in the next few weeks. Let's use these final days of preparation to do some heavy lifting - with our brains! Complete all of your assigned practices. Try to make up some new questions about a topic. Ask a teacher or a friend if you don't fully understand something. Try to answer harder questions. #growth

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Mid-Term Day Friday

The half-way point of this grading period is Friday, February 16th. All parents and guardians will be reminded to check academic progress on that day. A Middle Ground Newsletter will also be sent to parents on that day.

The end of the grading period has been moved to Friday, March 16th. Our final grading period will begin on Monday, March 19th!

ISSMA State Solo & Ensemble Participants

Next Week...

Mon. Feb. 12: B day, Mobile Dentist, Archery 3-4:30, Yearbook 3-4, 6 Boys BB v. Austin, Swimming v. Madison

Tue. Feb. 13: A day, Archery 3-4:30, FACS 3-4, Swimming v. Switz Co, Wrestling @ Charlestown

Wed. Feb. 14: B day, Cross 7:45 AM, PJ Pant/Onesie Day, Candy Gram Delivery Day, Archery 3-4:30, Wrestling v. Madison

Thu. Feb 15: A day, SRT/IYS in AM, Archery 3-4:30

Fri. Feb. 16: B day, Mid-Term Day