Cougar Connection

Issue 16 Volume 2

Working on the work!

Last week on Friday we sat down and collaborated on lesson plans. It was great to see you prepared and in action. These actions led to good student engagement in your lessons, and maximizing the instructional time.

Let's keep the momentum going! Working and collaborating with each other will pay off at the end! Thank you for working towards the 100% goal for parent conferences! Keeping parents informed is a key part for student success!

I would also like to say thank you for your work with the students in your classrooms. It is very evident that you have set your expectations with your students and parents. Please continue with your work and be consistent with your students. I am grateful for all of your efforts and for every single one of you.


Remember 2nd -5th grades will be saving their DOL's in All In Learning.
Please save it as follows:
DOL (Section) (Subject) TEKS _________________

for example: DOL 5E Science TEKS 5.7A


Lesson Plan Collaboration

This week's meeting was even better than the last!
Let's keep moving towards excellence!

Focus for the upcoming week:
  • Kinder- Reading- Fiction; prediction and story elements- Math count one more or one less in sets Science- objects in the sky such as moon
  • 1st- Reading-Relating to personal experience and inferencing Math- Time- Writing-Personal Narrative Science-Clouds
  • 2nd -Reading Character Traits/draw conclusions- Writing- Personal Narrative- Math -Measurement Science-measuring weather
  • 3rd- Reading- main idea and drawing conclusions Math-Fractions Writing- Personal Narrative Science- rapid changes
  • 4th- Reading -Drama Writing-Revising and Editing Science- Weathering and erosion
  • 5th- Reading-Literary Elementary Writing-Autobiographies Science-Erosion


Every week you meet with your grade level to discuss lesson plans there are essential items that need to occur:

1) Timeliness (sense of urgency) - All grade levels need to quickly regroup in your rooms after you drop off your kids to maximize your time.

2) Lesson plans- Everyone needs a copy of the lesson plans and DOL's for this meeting to enhance collaboration.

3) Materials- Please bring materials with you that will help you understand the lesson plans, such as books to be read and used, and teacher editions, whatever is applicable.

Having these items up and present will help with your facilitation of your collaboration.

Week at a Glance

Week of January 18th

Student/Staff Holiday


8:00- Speech ARD- Ambriz

8:45- ARD- Dawson

11:00- ARD- Clements

1:30- ARD- Villarreal


1:00 Principals' Meeting


1:30 CIC Meeting

3:20- Guided Math- Ms. Hardwick's Room 223

3:20- Remaining Faculty PD in Library

4:00 Parent Conferences

01/22-Friday- Lesson Plan Collaboration Time


9:00- Kindergarten In-house Field Trip

4A-Melany Davila's Artwork to be presented at the Board of Trustee Meeting! Great Job!

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