Preventive Health

By: Andy Burkhalter


Mammograms are x-ray pictures of the breast. They are used to detect and check for breast cancer. The test can also be used for just a check-up, but it's main focus is to check for lumps that have been developed but can't be physically touched. This exam is recommended to woman 40 and up, and it should continue annually. The frequency may need to increase based on what the woman's doctor says. The cause of breast cancer is unknown, similar to most cancers.

Pap smears

Medical test that helps doctors figure out any problems with the girls cervix. They ID infections that can possibly turn into cancer. Teen girls don't need them but once a girl turns 21, they should start getting regular checkups every 3 years. Condoms are something that can prevent any problems in that area.

Testicular Exams

This is a self examination for guys to feel if they have any lumps or unknown lumps in the scrotum area. Guys ages 15 to 35 are at risk to testicular cancer, and should be performing this test every month. Any lumps found while doing this exam should be notified to your doctor immediately. Testicular cancer can be treated if found early.

Prostate Exams

A prostate exam is for men. Its an exam where the checking for prostate cancer takes place. Prostate cancer can be extremely deadly it's important for men ages 45-75 to get this exam done. Men should get this exam every 4 years. You can't prevent prostate cancer, just like most cancers.
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