Weekly Geekly

September 25, 2015

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Digital Learning Goals

Don't forget to submit your Digital Learning Goals for 2015-16! Click Here to go to the form.

eSchool Tip- Autosave

Did you know that you can automatically save your work in eSchool?

Hover over your name and the gold lock at the top right of your eSchool screen. Then choose settings.

Scroll down and one of the settings is autosave! This can make the little save disc disappear, so be prepared.

Tool of the weekSign Up Genius

I know many of you have already used SignUp Genius, but for our new folks I thought I would give it a mention. This is a great tool to have people sign up for stuff (like Parent Conference Day). I know VMS is using this for their teams, but CTE people you might be interested too. Cool features include giving participants a way to swap spots with someone else, and the ability to have the tool email reminders to participants! Here are some instructions if you are interested.

Follow Friday

You can now follow both Vandeventer and the CTE Center on Twitter! Follow @FISD_CTE_Center and @VandeventerMS

The picture at the top of this week's Geekly came from a blog by TeachThought. Follow @TeachThought for some really good stuff!

ISTE Standard of the Week

ISTE is the International Society for Technology Education, and you may or may not be aware that they have standards for students which describe what students should be able to do with technology. Each week, I am going to highlight one standard for you so that you are aware of what is globally considered to be our goal as far as students utilizing technology resources.

This week we are going to start with standard 1a. Standard 1 is all about Creativity and innovation, and states "Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology." Part a of that standard states that students should be able to "apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes."

What does this mean? I think it speaks to technology fluency, and the ability to take what you already know and apply it to new situations. Watch the video below for a great demonstration of technology literacy vs. technology fluency.

Digital Fluency - Two Levels of Skill

Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Tuite had such a great project going on in her classes this week. Those of you who know Mrs. Tuite know this is often the case! This week her students had to create an audio or video product and turn it in, and she used Google Classroom for the students to submit their work. What I loved about this- students chose how to make their recordings. The kids chose several different methods of recording both audio and video, and had to figure out how to get the file uploaded. Way to build their technology Fluency!