Come to our music festival!

Staring Evan Miller on the tuba

Boss tubas!!!!!! and euphonium.

The song that I am playing is called "dance song" by Sperontes (1705-1750). Sperontes was a German composer who loved poetry. He wrote 250 poems in one collection all of them with musicals settings which were popular in his day. Not much was known about this composer other than he was the song of a clerk. He was married and had many kids but only one of them survived. His wife died on Feb. 12, 1738 soon after he died in 1750. Back to me I like to play football and a whole lot of other sports. I have 3 sisters and my parents are divorced and remarried. I live in 2 places, Fox run, and Sherwood.

Evan Miller

Thursday, April 16th, 2:15pm

Fargo, ND, United States

Fargo, ND

If you come you get a free ice cream cone and an autograph by the player.