By: Jacob

What is a tsunami?

A tsunamis is a storm that naturaly occurs and it wipes out most of the land it hits. Tsunamis are natrual disasters. The tallest tsnunamis is 1,638 feet to 1,720 feet tall! Tsunamis can grow as high as it wants and then it comes down and crushes and smashes all the bilding it can thats in the tsunamis way. Tsunamis are very dangerous and they can start fires and destroy anything in its way like trees, cars, buildings, and even statues. Tsunamis usaly happen in the pacific ocean and they start by the two plates moving toghether realy hard and waves get bigger and bigger and then they form a big wave call a tsunsami. some people call it a tittle wave.

What makes a tsunami a natrual disasters?

There are many natrual disasters but tsunamis are one of the natrual disasters. They are very dangerous and they make many fires and dead animals and humans but its also natrual because they are very harmful and its nartrual because when its starting and not done anyting its natrual but when its pushes things over its a disaster.

How a tsunami forms?

A tsunami is formed by two falts moving toghether forming a wave getting bigger until it gets to the surface or land and destroys the land. Tsunamis can be big and come crashing dow but when they are not as big they flood like crazy and start to take thing away just like a big and tall one.

What was the Indian tsunami?

The tsunamiwas 35 ft. tall and it was big because it started out when it was a long distance from land it had time to bldup to become stronger. Befor it hit the ocean level was very low so the people did not know why and then it came crashing down on india.