Ha Long Bay

Where the dragons decends in the sea

Why come to Ha Long Bay?

Tourists from all over the world, travel and explore the beauties of Ha Long Bay because of the many adventurous attractions and the beatiful warm and tropical climate. This includes the limeston caves, the floating village of Nui Ngoc, riding the classsic Asian vessel and admiring the World Heritage listed environment. The wide range of activites that are provided allow tourists to get lost in its magical scenery.

The Admiring Environment

Ha Long Bay is encompassed with nearly 2,000 islands, mostof them being limestone caves, that are over 250 million years old. These islands have been treasured by the bay by naming each island according to thier shape and form. The limestone caves have been in formation for over 500 million. The wet and tropical climate, assist in developing the karst environment of Ha Long Bay. The many geographical features have taken many years to develop and mature. If the weather rapidly changed, would it affect the formation of the limestone caves.

The Loving Community

Ha Long Bay has a community of 1500 people living in towns and villages and always welcoming the tourists from around the world. The community economically relies on its fishing industry, fishing for fish, prawns and horsehoe crabs, and the large amounts of toursits interested in the aspects of Ha Long Bay. If Ha Long Bay wasn't well known for its exotic natural features, what would happen to the economy of the Ha Long?

The people from past Ha Long Bay, created many of the important Vietnam historical events.

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