Garland ISD Middle School Band

Preparing for Fall 2020

We want you to be a part of the BAND!

Let us be the first to say "HELLO" and welcome to MIDDLE SCHOOL in Garland ISD! Your GISD Middle School Band directors are excited to meet our newest middle school students and parents. We know that this stage of life can be challenging for many, and we are here to make your transition into MIDDLE SCHOOL as seamless as possible.

In this newsletter, you will find all you need to know about entering middle school band in Garland ISD while we are socially distancing. Even if your child isn't signed up for band, there is a place for him or her in one of our GISD Band programs!

See a picture of your GISD Middle School BAND directors below!

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Learn more about BAND by watching this video:

Be Part Of The Band - instruments

WHAT INSTRUMENTS ARE OFFERED IN GISD? See the picture below or click on the link to download the PDF.

Read below for comprehensive information regarding band in GISD. Click on the link to download a PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child did not originally sign up for band during the Choice of Subject period. Is it too late?

It is not too late to sign up for band! Please contact your child's school band director to begin the process. Find contact information below for your school.

My child is signed up for band. What do we do next?

The next step is selecting an instrument for your child to play. We help you and your child make this decision based on many factors. All students will go through an instrument selection process with your school's directors before being officially placed into a particular instrument class.

Can students be in band and other activities?

YES! We encourage our students to participate in athletics and other school activities. Many of our band members are star athletes, cheerleaders, and also lead in academics.

Does it cost a lot of money to be in the band?

No! Reasonably priced new and used instruments are available at local music stores. Most students rent an instrument on a rental-purchase plan with a small monthly payment. Furthermore, GISD provides the larger and more expensive instruments at very little cost. The band director at your GISD middle school will help you select and obtain an instrument. Please do not obtain an instrument before meeting/communicating with your director.

What steps are being taken during this time regarding COVID-19?

Current restrictions have altered our strategies, but one common goal remains consistent among our GISD band programs: The safety and well-being of our students comes first. Directors are working with their campus administrators to conduct instrument selections according to their campus needs. Please communicate with your school's directors regarding schedules and procedures.

Find your SCHOOL and get ready for BAND! All of your band director contact info, websites, and steps to sign up are listed below!

Austin Academy

Mrs. Margaret Wis:

Google Voice: (903) 502-4071 (call or text)

Mr. Alex Harrison:

Google Voice: (903) 600-1074 (call or text)



Brandenburg Classical Center

Mr. Jim Palmer:

Google Voice: (903) 502-4537 (call or text)

Mr. Jonathan Martinez:

Mr. Joshua Gonzalez:


Google Classroom Code: m63nn6w

Google Form:



Bussey Middle School

Mr. Miguel Morales:

Google Voice: (903) 502-4342 (call or text)

Mr. David Cantera:

Google Voice: (903) 600-1015 (call or text)



Coyle Middle School

Mr. Rene Lira:

Mrs. Heather McHenry:

Google Voice: (903) 420-2487 (call or text)


Google Classroom Code: oppbobr

Google Form:

Sign-Up Genius:



Hudson Middle School

Jackson Middle School

Mr. Michael Beasley:

Google Voice: (903) 502-4079 (call or text)


Google Classroom: 4f2fibb

Lyles Middle School

Mr. Cameron Green:

Mr. Shaun Gray:

Google Voice: 903-600-0334 (call or text)


Google Classroom Code: ibzhbpk

O'Banion Middle School

Sam Houston Middle School

Mr. Daniel Najera:

Google Voice: (903) 600-0156 (call or text)

Ms. Anissa Macias:


Instagram: shmscoltband

Twitter: @shmscoltband1

Schrade Middle School

Mr. Kevin Rainey:

Mr. Dino Antonuccio:

Phone: (903) 502-4473 (call or text)

Google Classroom code: xbu5c6x

Google Form:


Sign-Up Genius:

Sellers Middle School

Mr. John Knagg:

Mr. Gary Burch:

Google Voice: (903) 420-0610 (call or text)

Google Classroom Code: xi7bqsu

Google Form:

Sign-Up Genius:


Webb Middle School