The perserverance of Jackie Robison

Jackie's story of how he perservered.

Qoute #1

“Beanballs would be thrown at me. I would be called the kind of names which would hurt and infuriate any man. I would be physically attacked.”

Page # 294

Clarification for qoute #1

This quote was chosen because it meant that Jackie was being made fun of and was being hurt, both emotionally and physically. But, Jackie didn’t let that stop him from achieving his dreams.

Qoute #2

“Yet I must do it. For black youth, for my mother, for Rae, for myself. I had already begun to feel like I had to do it for Branch Rickey.”

Page # 295

Clarification for qoute #2

I chose this quote because it shows that Jackie Robinson would not give up no matter what happened. It showed that he knew that a lot of people were counting on him to make a difference. He persevered and would not let them down. Jackie was a loyal and reliable man.