Angelina Jolie

Morgan Wilson & Mei Lia White


- Jolie's parents separated in 1976, leaving her and her brother with their mother on a modest budget


- cares deeply

- determined

- concerned

- strong woman figure

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Leadership in Jolie's Life

- Angelina learned that life is more rewarding when you are giving to others

- Ex. She helps and raises awareness of refugees in foreign countries

- Ex. Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt average donating $1.75 million a year to different charities and organizations

Jolie's Impact on Others

- Because she cares deeply for people in need, she has traveled to many foreign countries on missions

- She wants to make sure people don't forget about the serious situations refugee are facing just because the media isn't covering the problem any longer.

- She travels to these sometimes dangerous countries because she is concerned about human welfare.

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- We are also concerned about human welfare all around the world

- We might pursue a career with an organization concerned with human welfare

Best Trait

- She cares deeply and has compassion for those who are in unfortunate situations


- The impact she has had on the world through her missions, acting, and donating inspires us and others to do the same


No, because all leaders are different and lead in their own way. Some could be stronger in one attribute than others, but that does not mean one leader is better than the other

Qualities of a Leader

- caring

- responsible

- respectful

- resourceful

- trustworthy

- devoted