A Day Without War

A Peaceful Day for Both Sides

Peace Please

Come and join us for a day without war. Today we will have peace and come together for this wonderful day. We will have plenty of things to do, such as football, sing, bonfires, and much more. There will be plenty of food to eat and many of cold, refreshing drinks.

Christmas Truce Party

Friday, Dec. 25th 1914 at 8am-8:30pm

No Man's Land

8:00-9:30 socialize/meet

9:30-11:00 caroling

11:00-2:00 Christmas Trees

2:00-3:30 eat

3:30-5:00 football

5:00-8:30 bonfires

Top-notch Party Planners

If you want fun, we got it! We plan a wide range of party themes for a wide range of age groups for that special day. We also love to plan parties!