Stephen King

How is his writing so disturbing?

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  • Born in Portland, Maine in 1947
  • Father left when Stephen was two years old
  • Mother was alone to take care of him & older brother David
  • Witnessed his friend's traumatic death
  • Attic/book inspiration
  • Wrote for fun in school


  • Poor childhood and early adulthood
  • Father leaving
  • Moving around
  • Grandparents died
  • High-school teacher salary
  • Drinking and drugs
  • Mother died
  • Desire to hurt his children
"An insecure child, plagued by nightmares in which his mother was laid out in a coffin and he saw himself hanging from a gallows, with crows pecking out his eyes, his anxieties included everything from a terror of falling down the toilet, to paranoia about death, deformity, and even clowns" (dailymail).


  • Married to Tabitha Spruce
  • Bore two children w/ her: Naomi and Joe
  • Short stories in magazines
  • Famous novelist

How did they use their challenges to promote their dreams?

Stephen has used traumatic experiences to write horrific novels.

  • Poor
  • Bad thoughts (Mom and children)
  • Visual death
  • Family death
  • Drugs and alcohol

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