Francisco Pizarro

The Conqueror of the Incas

The Basics

Birth- around 1474 (no further info available)

Death- June 26, 1541

Career- Explorer, Farmer

Nationality- Spain

Homeland- Trujilio, Spain

Pizarro and his Life

He was born and raised the son of a farmer. He hearded cattle as a job when he was a young boy. Pizarro accompanied Vasco Nunez de Balboa on his trip to the Pacific Ocean. This made the two of them very rich and wealthy. So Pizarro really did not need money to go on his first voyages. The first voyage in 1524 was a complete failure he never even made it to the mainland and was forced to return after harsh weather conditions. The second trip was more of a success, he reached the mainland in 1526 and almost made it to the Inca's empire but had to turn back because of food supply. He finally did reach the Incas territory on his final voyage in 1532. He met the Incas this trip.

Pizarro did not like the Incas at all. All he wanted was the gold that they had. He took Atahualpa prisoner and held him captive for he had a plan. He told the public that if they gave him a certain room filled of gold he would let their beloved king free. When the debt was paid and Pizarro slaughtered the king.

Pizarro's Death

There was a war going on between Pizarro and his friend Diego Almargo against each other. They had a great battle and fought. Only Pizarro was very old and his brothers fought in his place. Pizarro's family had won the fight and killed Almargo. With Almargo dead, his followers were not very happy with Pizarro. They snuck up on him and killed him on June 26, 154.
Francisco Pizarro the Conquistador

Pizarro and Spain

PIzarro really did not need financing on his first few voyages. He was already rich from exploring with Vasco Nunez de Balboa. He only needed money on his final voyage. He went to go and claim the land for Spain as well. He requested the money and the land for Spain from King Charles the 1st.

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