Autostrada: Rome's Car Festival

Cars, Fun and Food!

Wecome to Our Car Happening Day!

Welcome to a day full of car activities! In our festival you will find selling and buying special cars and car accessories, good Italian food and exciting car races.

You can buy any style and kind of car from a Fiat Punto to a 1960s Ferrari 250 GTO. We have in our amazing festival delicious Italian food and a big variety of soft drinks. We also have many attractions for the kids, like bumper cars. We have races for all people who come to buy a car and the entrance fee to this festival is 30EUR per person, lunch not included (for children under 13 years old the entrance is free of charge).

For ticket, for hotels and for flights from Israel to Rome please call Mario and Luigi Di Medici +39 0669924910 or Sophia 039555555

Autostrada: Rome's Annual Car Festival

Wednesday, April 20th 2016 at 10am-10pm

Viale dei Gladiatori

Roma, Lazio

10-11am: registration and gathering

11am-12pm: introduction

12-14pm: car parade

14-18pm: car races

18-10pm: buying and selling

Food stalls will be open from 12pm