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School culture generally refers to the beliefs, perceptions, relationships, attitudes, and written and unwritten rules that shape and influence every aspect of how a school functions.

At Jenkins Elementary, we shall promote, develop and enhance our school culture to encompass the following:

  • physical and emotional safety of students, parents and teachers
  • the effective building of positive relationships among our faculty, staff, students, parents and community members
  • safe and secure learning environment
  • embrace and celebrate racial, ethnic, linguistic, or cultural diversity.

School climate includes feelings and attitudes that are elicited by a school's environment. It is a multidimensional construct that includes physical, social and academic dimensions.

At Jenkins, we shall promote, develop and enhance a school climate that encompasses the following:

  • friendly & inviting educators
  • healthy and high expectations
  • supportive & instructionally sound educators
  • collaborative & transformational thinking
  • progressive & innovative instructional strategies and interventions
  • professional & productive plans of action that impact teaching & learning in a positive way
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Catch the wave, Jenkins is all about...

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A.R.A.R.A……Making things happen as you continue to accomplish the goals of our LSPI & RBES

A.- Accelerate

R.- Remediate

A.- Accelerate

R.- Remediate


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2016 Math Institute

Dates: June 6-10

Time: 8:00 a.m. - Noon

Location: Jenkins Elementary

*See Jessica Newsome and Melinda Maney if you have specific questions regarding the Instititute.

Transforming Literacy for English Learners

Developing the academic language skills of English Learners presents a whole different set of challenges for classroom teachers. This class will provide teachers in every content area with a framework for developing the literacy skills of their ELs while helping them meet academic content standards. Pre-requisite: successful completion of Teaching Academic Language and Content to ELs. K-12 Content Teachers.

Date: 5/31/16 6/3/16

Location: International Newcomers Center

Time: 8:00 AM 1:00 PM

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March Birthdays

Marquitis Adams 3/5

Natalie Hammond 3/6

Teosha Teasley 3/8

Noreen Barrett 3/18

Juliana Agbi 3/21

Benita Cosme 3/23

Marlena Flesner 3/24

Amy Stockman 3/24

Elizabeth Spohn 3/25

Safety and Security

Please do not prop our surrounding doors for any reason. This is a breach against our safety security process and can create an opportunity for an intruder to enter. Practice safe habits for yourself and everyone else daily.

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Thanks to our Special Areas Team for having three successful WOW days for our students!

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Nick Moon & Jayme Harris "Creates the path and leads the way".........

We thank the both of you for your phenomenal leadership with getting the American Heart Association project started and completed successfully. The amount collected truly demonstrates the compassion and heartfelt connection that many of students and families have for those who are in need. I know the kids were inspired by collecting the ducks too, but their efforts are a major accomplishment.

Thanks for all that you do to support TEAM JENKINS vision, mission and goals. Most importantly, that you for making PE & Health fun and engaging for students.

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Central Gwinnett Cluster and Mill Creek Hawks.....UNITY at its best!

Teaching and Learning is our main focus, but building strong relationships and communities is the essence of who we are as host of local schools.

Last evening, Central Gwinnett High School hosted John Johnson Knight as a fund raiser for one of the Central Gwinnett Cluster student who is fighting cancer. The cluster was overwhelmed with the support from our community. It is always crystal clear that our cluster (not just the high school) is united in its support for things that matter the most. Maryanne Grimes, Central Gwinnett Cluster shares " when the baseball players from Mill Creek arrived, the tears began to flow. I was so proud of my home community for remembering us and connecting two schools that on many levels are so very different."

TEAM Jenkins, we are a "Black Knight" family. Everything may not be the way that we think it should be, but there is no doubt that we shall stand for what is right, good and best for our students, families and our school. Through positive & healthy relationships, we build each up and everyday the outcomes shall be priceless.

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Congratulations Mrs. Ramsey on the successful arrival of your baby girl!

Congratulations to Kindergarten - Winners of the Jean PASS!!! They are the first grade level to return all their Compacts!!!

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Jenkins Black Knights who are moving on to different pastures to grow.

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We applaud you Mrs. Moose for working so hard to make sure that we meet our non-bar coded inventory requirements in a timely fashion and accurately. Your kindness, appreciation and care does not go unnoticed. WE APPRECIATE all that you do!

March your Calendar

Field Days-

March 21st - K

March 22nd - 1st

March 23rd - 2nd

March 24th - 3rd

March 25th - 4th

March 28th - 5th