Damsel In Defense Power Hour


Join Maeion for a Power Hour on Saturday June 27th

Maeion Bryant invites you to a Damsel in defense power hour. We EQUIP women with products that can protect them! There are a variety of protection products to meet your different safety needs, at home and on the go.

We EMPOWER women to protect themselves with safety solutions by sharing an Empower hour with friends and those you love. Having a personal protection tool (or item) in your hand while walking to your car, in the park, or in the home will help you feel safer and give you the confidence needed when facing a threatened situation.

We EDUCATE women by encouraging them to back up their purchases with self- defense training. Our relationships with our customers and our fight to lower the national statistics of assaults against women do not end at the time of purchase.

Damsel In Defense Power Hour

Saturday, June 27th, 3-5:30pm

53 Walden Mill Way

Catonsville, MD

Bring a friend or love one to share and be a part of this protection power hour!
visit my damsel site @ www.mydamselpro.net/PRO8907
Looking forward to seeing you at the power hour!
Please RSVP By June 25th.
email: www.Maeion.pt@gmail.com