By: Katie Drake

Deforestation is getting worse.

Each year the amount of tree's cut down to make different products. According to the website every minute about 36 football fields worth of trees are cleared. If this continues in a few years the scarcity of trees will become severe. Deforestation is one of the major causes of climate change which also may become very harsh. People need to understand just how bad this issue is going to become if we do not take action right away. If we continue to ignore this life's could be lost.
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Deforestation can eventually kill us!

Trees in the environment absorb carbon dioxide which is harmful to us and release oxygen which is what we need! If the amount of trees cut down daily continues it can cause a major decrease in oxygen. Obviously, if we run out of oxygen then we will all die. People today are mainly cutting down trees to use for manufactured goods like walls, doors, and chairs. Some companies have discovered ways to still get the needed timber but not harm the environment to bad. These discovered strategies need to be shared so this issue is not spread to the point where it can not be fixed.
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Many species lose there habitat.

When large areas of land are cleared for their timber, thousands of species lose their habitat and are forced to find a new home. They will struggle to adapt quickly to the new environment so they will most likely all die. If the animals do not die they will most likely move to civilized areas where their is an abundance of people, cars, and buildings. This increases the chance of animals being ran over by vehicles which could result in many more car wrecks. Deforestation leads to issues that could possibly result in an abundance of deaths.
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