Health Craft

Madison Starks

The HealthCraft bathroom accessories assist the elderly and people with disabilities.

The bathroom set includes,

  • A corner seat
  • A towel bar
  • A corner shelf
  • A soap dish
  • An accent ring
  • A bath bench
  • A serena seat
  • A toilet roll holder


  • Supports a 500 pound weight limit
  • secure fittings
  • discreet wall stems
  • concealed screws
  • 4 points of contact
  • maximum support
  • shatterproof surfaces

More of their products

The Invisia Collection is very helpful.

Why do people have these installed?

People use these products to help their health and their safety. Elderly people should use these so that if they were to ever slip, they could grab one of the bars in the shower and hold onto it. & if they felt uncomfortable, they could sit down and rest for awhile.

Equitable Use

  • all people can use it
  • it can help everyone, not just an elderly person
  • very secure
  • not an ugly design