Monthly Employee Connection


Its November already and we are inching closer to the Holiday Season and Holiday Cheer!

Daylight savings brought the much needed one extra hour of snooze time.

Read more about the special days in November here http://www.holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/november.htm

New folks at Enquero !!

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Please welcome all the new folks who have joined us in October . Please reach out and say hello.

Rajwinder Kaur - Senior Consultant - San Jose, CA

Anmol Verma -Senior Consultant- Raleigh,NC

Yohannes Kiros -Developer - Lafayette, LA

Abderrafia Latirris - QA Engineer - Lafayette, LA

Rahul Jain- Senior Consultant, San Jose,CA

Suresh Srinivasan - Associate Partner- York, PA

Nimala Desai - Senior Consultant - San Jose, CA

Office Events

--- The CA office went for a hike and picnic to Big Basin National Park. Thanks to Jessica Ellison and Umang Bharadwaj this event was a hit! The pictures speak for themselves.

---The Inter project Ping Pong challenge in the Lafayette office came to an end with the Finals being played between JP Angelle and Nakib Khan . Nakib Khan won the match and became the first Ping Pong champion of Enquero!!

--- A very HAPPY DIWALI to everyone in the Enquero family!!


-- Thanks to everyone who helped bring in all the great talent we have at Enquero. We are always looking to grow and you can help us, please send in your referrals to HR at careers@enquero.com or roshney.george@enquero.com.

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Birthdays this month!!

Ateeth Thirukovvalur -November 5

Ranjitha Kadka -November 8

Nikita Mader - November 13

Shweta Kumar-November 23

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