WHOOT Scoop - February/March

Lisa Weihbrecht, Director

Spring is HERE! FINALLY!!!

Spring isn't determined by a specific date on the calendar. It's a feeling we get when we see the first buds on the trees, baseball season starts, we have a few extra hours of daylight and.....O2 LAUNCHES THEIR SPRING 2014 TAKE OUT MENU!!!!

If you have not had a chance to see all of the new items coming this Spring, what are you waiting for? Not only do we now have 52 NEW beautifully colored charms but we have added a new jewelry category...EARRINGS! The earrings are simply stunning and they make a great complement to our already existing line of products. If you LOVE rose gold, you will not be disappointed as several new rose gold items are introduced. The trend for the Spring is COLOR! Our new large twist lockets with colored enamel faces are eye catching! And plates? OMG...I am in LOVE with all of the new plate options! Plan your SPRING LAUNCH party NOW because your guests are not going to want to wait to get their hands on their new favorites!

If you were unable to attend the live launch meetings which took place across the country, our Direct to Corporate and Executive Director, Heidi Russell recorded the following video for your viewing pleasure! Grab some popcorn (and yes, we have a charm for that!) and enjoy the show!

Password: springlaunch

WHOOT WHOOT! Congratulations! Kudos! Bravo! Way to go!!!

WOW! Another OWLMAZING Month! Team Sales of $349,827! Here are the top 10 in PV (personal volume)

Top 10 in PV (Personal Volume) - Overall

  1. Rachel Markey $2,339.40
  2. Connie and Courtney Silakoski $1,944.50
  3. Lisa Capomolla $1,937.90
  4. Laurie & Kaylee Priddy $1,891.50
  5. Melanie Martin $1,869.10
  6. Lindsay Wilson $1,836.00
  7. Lisa Reyna $1,708.00
  8. Kory Yamada $1,651.30
  9. Cheryl Carpenito & Danielle Caccese $1,602.15
  10. Jean Young $1,551.35

Top 10 in PV (Personal Volume) - Directs or Front Line

  1. Connie and Courtney Silakoski $1,944.50
  2. Cathy & Cindi Michaels $939.70
  3. Angela Ross $764.30
  4. Danielle Ellwanger $754.40
  5. Sharon Smith SMITH $731.70
  6. Kara Butler $679.75
  7. Kim Byrne $671.20
  8. Kimberly Schreiner $653.00
  9. Sue Csira $562.20
  10. Christine Johnson $500.80

Welcome all New Designers - February

Join me in extending a WARM WHOOT welcome too all new Designers who started their O2 journey in February! We are so excited to see you SOAR with your new business!

Hannah Gay OH

Chenease Smith AL

Lisa Velasquez-Vega CA

Renee Quijano CA

Emily Forster CA

Shari Volpicelli CA

Penny Jojola CO

Melissa Ribeiro FL

Cristina Ortiz FL

Tammy Sonnenberg FL

Frances Stephens FL

Bernadette Paet HI

Shandra Medeiros HI

Kristianne Mitsuyoshi HI

Lisa Feleti HI

Kathryn Ballon HI

Cheryl Fujihara HI

chante diaz HI

Kristen Kipp MI

Renee Toler NC

Jennifer Burleson NC

Laura Knopp NJ

Alison Dobbins NJ

Ashley McGuriman NJ

Amanda Cerrone NJ

Connie Mehler NJ

Rita Clark NJ

Sharon O"Rourke NJ

Arlenne Abreu NJ

Tracy Baier NJ

Anna DaPonte NJ

Lauren Scala NJ

Michelle Evans NV

Ann Marie Viola NV

Tammy Wassam OH

Lauren Holm OH

Brandy Brady OH

Sharon Redmon OH

vicki ince OK

Laci Bridges OK

Ramonia Davis OK

Lisa Fallon PA

Tara DiGiorgio PA

Mellissa Patterson PA

Lydia Millard PA

Amy Hughes PA

Felice Colton PA

Stephanie Houseman PA

Tara Thanel PA

Melanie Martin PA

Jennifer Younger SC

Christy Williamson SC

kia Carter SC

Linda gwin TN

Karen Dillard TN

Danielle Ramos TX

Sally George VA

Carrie Friend WV

Designers who added to their Successline - February

Congratulations to all Designers who welcomed new family members to their Success-line in January!! WAY TO GO!!

4 New Designers

Gabrielle King

Lisa Wojciechowski

2 New Designers

Lucy Squitieri

Teresa Sterling Gwardyak

Linda Hartman

Lindsay Wilson

1 New Designer

Adriana Menendez

Kara Butler

Kim Byrne

Sue Csira

Angela Maria Yates

Audrey Karshner

Carrie Sekigawa

Deidra Bunn

Elizabeth Thorell

Heather Gahm

Laurie Foulds

Ashley & Sondra Rossi

Chantell Erolin

Danielle Yasko

Donna Gusman

Gaye Ibara

Hope Weaver

James Altieri

Jennifer Krulikowski

Joey Nakamura

Lisa Reyna

Mandy Kaya

NanciBeth Rollman

Rebecca Kelly

Sara Corchiolo

Wynafer Gordon

Amanda Bryce

Elsa Cutter

Kelley Gunshore

Mindy Duvall

Monica Banks

Rachel Markey

Debbie Lunt

Deuane Oren

Kimberly-Ann Watanabe

Valerie Robbins

Donna Owen

WHOOOO's Moving Up?

Congratulations to those who promoted in the month of February! WOOHOO! Way to go!

Leading Designer

Lisa Reyna

Danielle Yasko

Robin & Reese Murphy

Kassandra Coffin


Wynafer Gordon

Donna Gusman

Debbie Lunt

Lucy Squitieri

Jenna Schillizzi

Patte Bonner

Linda Hartman

Team Leader

Amy & Jenna Griner

Elsa Cutter

Happy OWLIVERSARY! - February

Congratulations to those who celebrated an Owliversary in the month of February!I am so blessed to have you as part of my Origami Owl Family! Thank you!

2 Years

Sue Csira

Connie and Courtney Silakoski

Chrissy Johnson

1 Year

Tabitha Simpson

Helen Lehigh

Maria Shaw

Connie Sullivan

Michele Penecale

Joy Smith

Lacie Carmichael

Chelsea Maxwell

Annette Carmany

Ahlan Alvarado

Elaina Corchiolo

Rhonda Barut

Jill Chang

Shanna Stamm

Ebony Bolling

Sheila Young

Danielle Bryant

Jane Aycock

Sabrina Burnett

Angela Jones

Megan Sperber

Elizabeth MacPherson

Ashley & Sondra Rossi

Ashley Smith

Debbi Riggins

Carrie Sekigawa

Angela Maria Yates

Jessica Bronstein

Danielle Sanchez

Judy & Jessica Struempf

Kendra Payne

Stephanie Abalo

Gretchen Morgan

Tara Macchione

Sarah Seltzer

Chad Eckman

Maria Caraballo

Christina Nunez

Kar-Lyn Scholz

Deidra Bunn

Brittany Rabinowitz

Jessica Power

MarySue Gardner

Jenna Tanis

Jamie Hales

Rachel Gianquitto

Brandy Goodman

EllaMae Bashwiner

Carlene Lloyd

Stephanie Ashurst

Elizabeth Moffitt

Roselyn Denlinger

Amy Gee

Janet Roe

Erin Meeker

Sherri Bender-Yeckley

Cheryl Harimoto

Charity Plaster

Brandy Hanna

Amber Snyder

Paula Huffer

Valentine's Day Facebook Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following winners of our Valentine's Day Facebook Contest. Winners were chosen randomly using randompicker.com Thank you to everyone who participated!

Chrissy Johnson - 31 Take Out Timeless Beauty Bag

Mel Mizumoto - 10 of the NEW TOMS

Wendy Cabebe - 10 of the NEW TOMS

Marcie Bono - Aqua Quatrefoil Initials Inc Bag

Danielle Caccese - Aqua Quatrefoil Initials Inc Bag

Darlene Meely - Medium Linen O2 Jewelry Bust

Spring is HERE! Now what?

I can not contain my excitement about our new Spring products! The colors, the variety, the new EARRINGS!! But now what? Here are some suggestions of how you can jump start your Spring:

1) Order one of the Designer Packs. There are two options available until March 31st. To order, log into your back office. Click on Orders>New Designer Order>Skip Address Validation> Close out the order pad>Scroll down to see the two options. The Designer packs will begin shipping on March 13th. They WILL count towards PV! These packs are a great addition to your current kit and will provide you with a great variety of our new Spring Line! (One per Designer) New products will available for order beginning on March 17th. Limits will be placed on the number of new items you may order at once. Details to follow.

2) Order the new Spring 2014 Take Out Menus. To diffuse the cost of shipping, reach out to neighboring Designers and place the order together. Go to Orders>Business Supply Order>SKip Address Validation>Close out Order Pad>Enter Item SA7005. Business Supplies may not be combined with Designer or Jewelry Bar orders as they ship from a different location. Take Out Menus (TOMS) have begun to ship.

3) Create labels for you new TOMS! I use www.avery.com to create my labels. My labels include the following information: Name, Designer, Designer ID#, website address, email address, phone number, Host a Party~Shop Online~Start Your Own Business. Avery allows you to change the font, color, and even add a graphic. I add the O2 logo in the corner. I use 4" x 2" labels I buy at staples.

4) Host a Spring Launch Party! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie, hosting your OWN launch party is a GREAT way to share the new TOM and products with friends and family. Have a fun theme like a Spring Fever Jewelry Bar, Margarita Night Jewelry Bar, Ice Cream Sundae Jewelry Bar, Flower Power Jewelry Bar, Mother/Daughter tea, Fashion Show. These are just a few ideas. Check pinterest or search the web for some fun ideas. Invite anywhere from 2-20! Have a casual gathering with a few close friends and invite them over to help you play with the new charms. Most importantly...HAVE FUN!

5) Share images from the Nest of the new product on your social media pages. Pique interest, have a fun contest, survey what is their new favorite!

6) Contact your former hosts and customers and spread the news. Mail out TOMS to your best customers. Host a party for your VIP hosts/customers.

7) Reach out to local organizations to book fundraisers. Baseball season is upon us. How about setting up at Opening Day (check with the organizations first for permission!)

8) Weddings, Proms, Communions, Mother's Day, OH MY! Do you know anyone getting married this Spring? Our new CZ studs make the PERFECT 'something blue' for the special bride. They also make beautiful AND affordable gifts for bridesmaids. Prom season is upon us as well. Host a mother/daughter fashion show and show how our mini crystal locket or twist locket bracelet make the perfect accessory to match any gown. Communions are coming as well. Our new Pray plate fits perfect in a mini locket with a plain silver, gold or rose gold cross. What a great gift! And Mother's Day? Oh my just so many options!

We have something for everyone and every budget. Someone already has a locket? How about showing them the new crystal clasp, dangles, plates and extenders? The sky is truly the limit this season!

You can EARN a Spring 3 Mini iPad for FREE!

What? Yes you read that correctly!! Earn an iPad mini from Origami Owl for FREE by doing the following:

Sponsor 3 new Designers from March 1-31st

Submit $500 in PV from March 1-31st

Each of your new Designers must submit $500 in PV within 30 days of THEIR start date.

Here are links to some great resources to help you with getting started:




Good luck! Some of your are already half way there!!!!

Your Feedback is Welcome

I greatly value your feedback so if there is a topic or idea you would like to share, please feel free to email me at owl.lisaw@gmail.com or call me at 609 335 0474. I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions! If you have a Jewelry Bar experience, a Force for Good story, a tip or idea that you'd like to share, please send it along! I'd love to hear from you!!


*Retiring items are available until March 15th or until Supplies Last

*New Designer Packs begin Shipping on March 13th. New products will be live and available to order and for customers to purchase on March 17th.

*Team Meetings will take place locally on the 2nd Monday of every month beginning in April. Place and time TBD.

*Weekly webinars, marketing materials and O2 forms are posted in the O2 Lounge. Be sure to visit often to stay on top of What's Happening at the Nest!

*If you are currently on Facebook but not on our Team WHOOT page, please send me a friend request and I will add you to our team page. Our team page was created so we can share ideas, success stories, pictures and have fun! If you have a problem or need to vent, please reach up to your mentor. If they are not available, reach up to the next mentor. Here is my FB link; https://www.facebook.com/lweihbrecht

*O2 Experience/Conference - Registration is ongoing, however the price will increase on April 1st. Invest in YOU this year! Come join us in Arizona, you won't regret it!!!! https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1263086