Zac Efron

By: Andria Robinson


Zac Efron was born on October 18th, 1987 in California. His first television debut was in the series Firefly. Later he landed a role on the Disney Channel on a film called High School Musical. This movie wasn't planning on being such a huge hit, in fact it was the most successful Disney Channel Original movie ever produced. With that movie his stardom propelled, he starred in 17 Again, Hairspray, The Lorax, The Lucky One and Parkland.

Early Life

Actor, Singer, and Producer Zachary David Alexander Efron was born in in San Luis Obispo, California. Zac has a younger brother named Dylan and a mother and father named Starla and David.

Teenage Years

This was probably one of the hardest time in his life because he was accepted at his school. He wasn't accepted because he life drama club and didn't play sports. And not to mention he wasn't that good looking! Zac didn't have many friends, but one thing for sure he had plenty of bullies.
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Early Acting Career

Zac was noticed very young by his piano teacher, in fact, his piano teacher convinced him to join theatrical roles and performing arts. After getting a small role in the production Gypsy. After this role his passion for acting was higher than before, he continued performing in local production and school plays, which lead him to higher a talent agent.
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High School Musical Years

In 2005 Zac landed a role in a small, low-budget for the film Disney Channel called High School Musical. The movie debuted in January 2006, although this movie was suppose to be a small hit it turned to a huge success. Eventually this movie was recognized as one of the most successful made-for-television movies ever, the movie produced unprecedented ratings, a best-selling soundtrack and loyal fans. They also made High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3, which were equally successful. Later he was offered tons of acting roles and record deals, but Efron declined. He instead chose to take of time to graduate from high School.

Zac Efron Present Day

Zac Efron now has been dealing with a drug problem and has been going to therapy and is now so much healthier and happier. He is living a drug and alcohol free life and enjoys being in the wild and taking trips around the world. He is working on being a director and is working on a new film.