Ayurveda Seminar & Consultations

by Dr Sanjay Picharodi - Syamvallabha Prabhu,

the disciple of HH Radhanath Swami. Born into a family of traditional physicians of Kerala (ayurvedacharya) he was introduced at a tender age to studying the arts of healing called Ayurveda. Later he went on to specialize in modern western medicine from Indian and Western medical Schools.

Seminar content:
Day 1 - Basic Principles of Ayurvedic Lifestyle & wellness
Day 2 - Ayurvedic Diet & Nutrition

Seminar price: 1500 sek

Privat consultations on 28-30th April.

Consultation price: 500 sek

Registration: 08 6549002, between 11.00-17.00

Please use this unic opportunity to learn about the art of life & get personal consultation for maintaining or restoring your health!

Ayurveda Seminar & Consultations

Friday, April 26th, 10am to Saturday, April 27th, 5pm

Fridhemsgatan 22


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