My Awesome Family

Maggie Brands

What do you do in your community and why is it important to you?

My family community includes my dad, Bryan, my step mom, Sarah, My mom, Emilie, my step dad, Jeff, my brothers, Jack, Carter, and Ridley and my step sister Lauren and her grandparents, Jim and Deb. There are also many more people that are in my family. One thing my family does is Bryan, Sarah, Lauren and I go over to Jim and Deb's house for Christmas. How we celebrate it is usually we eat, sit and talk about our lives and how we're doing then afterwards we go up to the second floor and open presents! How we do this is hand out all of our presents and sit in a circle in the living room upstairs. Second is we start with usually my sister Lauren or either Deb or Jim and who ever start opens one present and then the next person goes. We do this until eventually we have to start opening more then one present on our turn. Mainly when two or three people have a lot of presents yet still and every one else doesn't have that many or doesn't have any left to open. This happens a lot.

My family is important to me because when I'm with them I feel like I'm important and special in my very own way. It's also important to me because if it wasn't for my parents I wouldn't be who I m today and with out my sister or my one else in my family including my dad and mom again I wouldn't know the things I know about differnt things. That's why my family's important to me.

What makes this type of community important to you?

What makes this type of community important to me is without some sort of family there would be no one to really take care of you. Another thing is your friends may be a lot of fun but they're not with you everyday morning and night like you family is. What makes this type of community special and important to me is family is where you make the most memorable memories. That's what make this type of community important and special to me. Why people would want to be a part of my family is not only is my family funny and fun. But we root for each other and want the best for all of us. How my community Is different from other people's community is I beleavie my family has a very special way of takeing care of each other and not giving up on you no matter how many times you mess up. That's why my community is different from others.
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