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December 11th Weekly Staff Newsletter

Staff Member of the Month - December

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Michelle Shollack

Help us congratulate Michelle as our Employee of the Month! Michelle is a dedicated staff member always giving back to everyone else. She truly works for the benefit of the whole team. We love you Michelle! :-)

A little bit about Michelle:

* I have been with RISD 33 years. 11 years as a student, 1990 Berkner Graduate and 22 years as a Bronco!

* I taught 7/8 Science for 21 years before becoming an Instructional Coach at West. I was also an Athletic Coach from 1994-2003.

* I have been married 19 years with 2 awesome kids. Emily is a junior at RHS and Nicholas is an 8th grader at Murphy Middle School.

* I graduated from Stephen F Austin in 1994 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with Physical Science and Reading Endorsements. I have a grade 1-8 generalist and ESL certification as well. I hope to start my Masters by next fall with Stephen F Austin (online) in Curriculum and Instruction with Technology.

* We are a huge Ranger Family and are excited to travel to Chicago to see the Rangers play the Cubs in Wrigley field July 17.

* Whether it is a little trinket, lessons, candy, hug, school supplies, baked goodies and much more, I love to give.

* One of my strong characteristics is organizing. Not so much paperwork but activities.

* I am the Fellowship Coordinator for church and this gives me the opportunity to plan and organize fun stuff for the members.

* One of my favorite passages is Proverbs 3.

* My 2015 -2016 motto: Life is easier when we think and act like a proton and not like an electron.

Food donations for Ledgerwood. If you can help, please sign up.

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Download Shoparoo and Help Earn $$ for West!

Download the app and have 500 points by the end of December to win a jeans pass! With all the holiday shopping you have coming up, your receipts could mean a difference for us! If you don't want to, please save them and pass along to a friend.

Those currently with 500 points for December:

Danielle Nobles 920

Marie Davis 880

Jamie Trent 870

Angela Sledge 780

Trisha Hirth 630

Those with less than 100 points to go:

Elissa Hutchinson 490

Miranda Dabney 470

Bill Parker 461

Karen Landman 460

Keep up the great work and please tell your FAMILY, FRIENDS, and SIGNIFICANT OTHERS! :)

A note from Kimberly

5 days until Christmas break. Where did the time go? I am always excited about the holiday season...there always seems to be so much "magic" in the air.

The Staff Holiday party was a success! I am thankful to all those who were able to come out for a bit. My goal was to make sure everyone left the bar safely and I accomplished that! It was late and I am not as young as I used to be! I enjoyed being able to talk with you all outside of work and get to know you better. :)

Finals begin this week. Be sure you are entering grades everyday. This will help us be proactive with any issues with Focus that may arise. The Instructional Coaches have graciously volunteered to scan your test sheets in everyday. Be sure you are turning them in to the IC's ASAP so that they can get those scanned in.

Secret Santa starts this week. I am thankful for all those who have participated in this fun activity!

Only 5 more days of sunshine and Eddie. I hope you all have enjoyed this and I hope to make this a West tradition for the years to come.

During this time of the holiday season, we must be mindful of those students around us who do not have as much as others. It brings out feelings and emotions that we would not normally see. Be on the lookout for students who may be in need of emotional support.

Happy Holidays,


STAR Teacher - Jennifer Senter

Congratulations to Jennifer Senter who has made it to the 2nd round of STAR!!!! Way to go Jenny! We are so proud of you!
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Who's Working at West? Get to know - Nina Zamora

1) What has been your favorite position in education?

I would say being a Student Data Specialist (what I am now) has been my favorite position, although I really enjoyed working as an Assistant Principal’s Executive for two years when I first started working here at West Jr. High.

2) What are your plans for the holiday break?

For the holiday break I plan on resting as much as I can. I will probably visit my mother and sister who live on South Texas. I might also do a little cooking.

3) What would be your ideal gift to receive, assuming money, logistics and physics itself don’t apply?

There is no better gift than Quality Time, Good Advice, and a picture of you or your family that you haven’t seen before.

4) Empanadas: Do you prefer them sweet or savory?

I like them sweet but not extremely sweet. My mom’s empanadas are the best. In fact she is sending me some for Christmas. I really like Sweet Potato empanadas.

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Walking Warriors

Join the Walking Warriors everyday at 4 for a heart healthy walk or workout. You won't regret it!
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Upcoming Dates - December

December 16—Locker Clean Out during Advisory

December 16—Faculty Meeting

December 17—Early Release (12:30pm)

December 17—Pay Day

December 18—Early Release (12:30pm)

December 18—Grades Due

January 4- Professional Development (morning at West, afternoon at various content locations) 8:30 am start time - professional dress

January 5- First day back with students