Español 2

September 15 - 19

Week 6

This week we are going to finish Unit 3. I know that some students are a little behind, but I have encouraged them to catch up. It is important that students communicate with me. I called and texted all students that I had not spoken with earlier in the week on Friday and I did not hear back from any of the students. I am here to help them, but I need to know if they are struggling. I want to catch any problems early in the semester, so that they can be successful for the whole semester.

We have peer tutoring available in the course to help students. Students can receive help from a student that has taken the course. The students can help with Spanish or with general technology questions about how to use Moodle.

What is due this week?

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Required Live Class

We have a few more RLC's scheduled for Unit 2 this week and for Unit 3.

The link for the session is located by clicking here. The link is located at the bottom right in the Moodle course.

Below is the calendar of other sessions that are scheduled.

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