Support is your homeslice

Randy Ottosen Period 4-5

Analysis of the Development of Theme

Max and Freak kinda live in the suburbs. And that kinda helps them with getting Loretta's ID. And if they didn't live close it would've been harder to get to. Also if they didn't live close freak would have trouble getting anywhere. And the conflict with Iggy helped us know what happened to Freaks dad. And if Blade didn't exist there would be no Freak's dictionary with skyrocket in it. Max had a lot of support and he wrote a book. ''And now I've wrote a book maybe I'll read a few.'' Said Max after he wrote freak the mighty. And to encourage Max, Freak said '' Write it down dummy.'' I was going to but now it looks like I'll be busy getting busy to my new bionic body.''

Reflection and Application of Theme

My reaction to the theme is ''Meh'' because it's OK but not very good. I do agree with it because I get support from my family and it helps. he developed it pretty good. Because in some spots it don't really fit in some spots , but overall it's pretty good. This theme will be relevant for a long time. And it's relevant because a lot of kids have really bad grades and need support and when they get it , it should help them. And that is my opinion.


So it's about a duo of boys that go on adventures. The first main character is Max but we were first introduced to him as ''Kicker''. And then there is Freak called ''Robot boy'' for a while. And then they meet later because Freak moves in next to Max. They next go to the Mill Pond for a fire work show. Then get harassed by Blade and chased and almost cut and almost had rocks hit them. Then they went to the New Testaments and met Iggy and met Loretta. Then Max's dad kidnapped Max and Freak saved him. Then at Freak's birthday he got a computer then had a seizure while trying to explain to Grim how to use it. Then he was hospitalized for a while. When Freak was in the hospital Max, visited him a lot. Then Freak passed away because his heart was too big. Then Max went ASAP and busted a lot of things up. But Freak told Max to write a book and Max wrote a book and said he might read a few.