The New World

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"Happiness is a hard master-particularly other people's happiness. A much harder master, if one isn't conditioned to accept it unquestioningly, than truth."

This quote was said by Mond on page 227. In the context that this quote was said in was when the savage was asking why they don't have science anymore. The savage was questioning why Mond wasn't at an island considering he said it wasnt a punishment to go to the island. This quote shows the dystopian theme because everyone in this society is conditioned to accept the happiness. The people don't know any different than what they are conditioned to. That is like today's world because we grow up believing what our parents teach us. We are conditioned to their ways in life.

Our Dystopian World

Today our world is actually more dystopian than you think. Dystopia is described as a negative utopia. We follow in the footsteps of our parents because they teach us their ways in life and that is how our lives are conditioned. Us, the kids, grow up believing in what our parents do like what religion we are and whether we are democratic or republican. Tom said: “In summer 1993 my mother became the first person to climb all six, solo and in a single season and it is very interesting following in the footsteps of my mother” (Smith). He follows in his mother’s footsteps because that is what he is conditioned to do. He grew up learning about his mother and what she does. This is just like Brave New World because they are conditioned when they are little to believe in what they do. The kids in World State believe that sex is ok whenever, love isn't real, mothers and fathers don't exist, and not everyone is equal. Of course our world is different than that but in a way some things aren't different. We say everyone is equal but in reality we know that is not true. Not everyone can be equal, it just would not work. There would be fights and people would not be happy. We are happy now because we all know our place and of course that may not be fair but it works. We all make it work by keeping to our level of society just like in Brave New World with the deltas, alphas, etc. Besides being conditioned to what we believe in we deal with homeless people, death, and old people. Even though that may differ from Brave New World it is similar at the same time because they learn that death isn’t bad and that old people die before they get old. The only thing about the world today that is different from Brave New World that shows the dystopian theme is the wars going on around the world. It shows instability in our world and that is a huge key for dystopia.

A Whole New World - Aladdin (lyrics)

A Whole New World

I chose the song A Whole New World by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga because it is about a whole new world. Brave New World is a new world because they are very conditioned to what they believe in. It is not like any other place. In the song A Whole New World it says "indescribable feeling, soaring, tumbling, and freewheeling through an endless diamond sky." This goes with World state because when they take soma or when they help produce the children it is an indescribable feeling. When they take soma they are in another world soaring, tumbling, and freewheeling through an endless diamond sky. It also says in the song “A new fantastic point of view.” This really captures the opinions of people in Brave New World because they believe this is the best way to live their life. They have been conditioned to love their point of view on the world and not someone else’s point of view. In order for them to maintain that they have to get rid of all the old books and replace them with new books that fit what the leader is wanting. Besides some lyrics this song’s tone is kind of upbeat which is ironic for the book because it’s a dystopian theme. The upbeat song tries to convince you that nothing is wrong, just like the leader from World state. He wants them to not worry about anything about their society so he distracts them. This song captures the fact that world state is not normal but Soma and other things make it worthwhile to be happy.

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In my opinion, I disagree with genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, because I believe they are made the way they are and we shouldn't mess with things. On the Non GMO project website it states that it is very unstable and puts you in high risks for catching diseases. Why would you want to risk your life for genetically modified organisms? “Evidence connects GMO’s with health problems, environmental damage, and violation of framers’ and consumers’ rights (GMO FACTS).” This statement really shows that GMOs are not good. They are causing all these problems in this world that we could be avoiding if we didn’t use GMOs. According to the IRT in the article called 10 reasons to avoid GMOs it states “Human studies show how genetically modified food can leave material behind inside us, causing long-term problems.” This just supports my beliefs that GMOs are harmful. This supports my case of disagreeing to the idea. Because GMOs are harmful I believe we should not be allowed to sell them in stores and yes they do sell them in stores. As of right now they do not tell us which products are and which products are not genetically modified. I do not believe that the government has done enough research to fully understand the long term effects of genetically modified organisms because if they did they would not allow them to be sold. In the article 10 reasons to avoid GMOs it states, “GMOs increase herbicide use, Genetic engineering creates dangerous side effects, GMOs harm the environment, and Government oversight is dangerously lax.” There are so many reasons not to use GMOs but that still isn’t stopping the government. I believe that they should only be allowed for scientific study, because so far they are turning out to be a bad idea. They are being more harmful than helpful. I strongly feel that without genetically modified organisms people would have better health and the environment will get stronger. Genetically modified organisms should be illegal for local restaurants and stores to sell them. God created them so we can have fresh fruit instead of one that the government made to a genetically modified. If they won’t make GMOs illegal then they need to take them out of stores and houses. If genetically modified organisms are also going to be harmful then why are they still trying to use them? I do not understand the other side to this argument. I have only been able to find and come up with reasons why people can disagree to GMOs. Eventually, hopefully, people will realize that anything that is genetically modified will be harmful to them and that we should all stand against them. This issue is definitely getting more well-known now than before because people are just finding out about them. More and more this issue will grow because people are learning about the harmful effects of genetically modified organisms. My opinion is that I disagree with genetically modified organisms because of all the harmful effects that occur.

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