Why we dont want oil rigs in Alaska

My personal thoughts ...

As an Alaska civilian, I think that oil rigs here would be a very bad idea. Here is a few reasons why ...

  • It would be very loud
  • It would ruin our peacefulness
  • Ruin the wildlife
  • Take away our natural resources
  • There would be less tourism, because everyone would be coming for business
  • If there was a oil spill, it would ruin the entire habitat, marine life or continental
  • There is barley any resources to help if there was an oil spill
  • By oil drilling, this can cause lots of pollution
  • If a part were to break or get damaged or even if there was an oil spill and a part needed replacement, that would cost the state of Alaska money, to fix that.

Do you really want this to happen..?

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Let the day pass, don't buy gas! Gas Free Day!

Monday, May 27th 2013 at 12-2am



For the entire day, we are going to have a gas free day. For the whole day, we are not going purchase any gas. By doing this we will save a lot of gas, which is oil.

What They Want To Do ...

What this oil company is trying to do is, they want to come in and dig up oil out of our oil rich ground. They then want to export this oil, far away from us for other peoples use. By doing this, they will be taking away oil from us, so we will have less oil to use.
Oil and Ice: The Risks of Drilling in Alaska's Arctic Ocean