Welcome to the Steeped Tea Family!!

~ New Consultant Welcome~

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Hello NEW Steeped Tea Team Member --

Welcome to the Steeped Tea Family!! I am so EXCITED that you decided to Join in the Fun!!

Let's Get You Started w/ a BANG!! Check out the Attached "First 10 Steps as a Steeped Tea Consultant" to get an AWESOME start to your business :)

Be sure to join our Facebook Groups so that you have 24/7 contact w/ team members who are ready to help you with your questions! And, don't be shy --we were all brand new at one time :)

Here's the Link to OUR Intimate "Steeping BEAUs & Beau-TEAs" Team page:


This is our Group Director, Ginger Battle's team page (TNT Dynamite):


And, here is the Big USA TEAM page:




If you have any questions, please email me here or give me a call at 571.281.5577...

Happy Sharing!!

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First 10 Steps to KICK OFF your New Business!!

  1. Make a business email address. You will get emails from clients, Steeped Tea HQ, your Upline and Me. KISS -- You don’t want to have to search for business related materials. Just start off w/ a new address and everything will be separate. Go to the Virtual Office and Edit Your Profile –and you can change to your new email address at any time. ALSO, don’t forget to add a tagline to all of your email correspondence –You never know where your next customer will come from!

  2. Set up a separate checking account for your business –this just makes EVERYTHING simpler.

  3. Take Car Mileage today and buy a mileage tracker at a local Office Supply Store. You will need your mileage for tax purposes.

  4. Save all receipts concerning business from this day forward. Keep in a folder or accordion file. Makes things easier at tax time.

  5. Send out an Introductory Letter, Email and Facebook note announcing your NEW Steeped Tea BUSINESS to all of your family and Friends. Post your website to your Facebook page!

  6. Be sure to ASK all of your friends and family to Register as Customers on your website. Steeped Tea automatically sends out Specials of the Month Information.

  7. Look at your Calendar and set a Launch Party Date. This party does NOT have to take place at your house –it can be a friend or relative who wants to help you get started.

  8. Add your Launch Party to your Virtual Office under Events. You can then send evites to guests local and out of town as everyone can place an order this way…

  9. Be sure to check out the “Steeped Tea - Consultant Training” schedule in the Virtual Office. Lots of GREAT Topics. Just log on at your computer and learn more!

  10. Think about what you want from your Steeped Tea business. Send Goals to me at teaparty4fun@gmail.com. Do want just want to be -- 1) a Tea Discounter, selling/buying $100 every 6 months? 2) an ACTIVE Consultant every month with Personal Volume of $500 in a rolling three months? or perhaps 3) you want a $500 paycheck each month?? Maybe you have a different goal altogether -- perhaps 1) you just need to get out of the house once a month, 2) you are saving for a family vacation, or 3) you want to make some new friends. All Goals are GREAT because they are YOUR GOALS. Send them to me AND your sponsor via a private email; and we will do our best to help you achieve them. Or learn what you have to do to achieve them! Remember: We here for you !!

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10 Steps To Building a Successful Business

1. It starts here…BELIEVE

Believe in Yourself, in your Leaders, our Founders, our Products and our Mission; . And remember to STAY PLUGGED IN!!!

If you haven't reached out to your SPONSOR this month please do so RIGHT NOW!!!

2. FOLLOW the system

Visit our Virtual Office, use the tools, use the training, have Steeped Tea Parties, plug into your Leaders, do a Skype call, or text them. We work to help you succeed!!!

3. DO revenue generating activities

Pass out Steeped Tea samples, wear your brand, get phone numbers, prospect, reach out to others.

4. Plug into your Leaders

As a Leader, we want to hear from you. Know when you’re ready to run and use us! We aren’t going to chase you down though…call when you are ready!

5. Release the fear of NO!

Get used to hearing no, remember it’s not you they are saying no to. No just means NOT RIGHT NOW. Don't give up on the no's. Just keep giving them more tools. They may come around later!

REMEMBER…The more NO'S you get, then more YES'S you will get too!

6. PROMOTE the Opportunity.

We are not selling anything...DO NOT sell…SHARE. Facts tell, and stories sell. Facebook is a GREAT tool but remember to keep it real, share stories, how you are feeling about your business, what it has brought to your life. Remember the 20/80 rule. Post 20% Steeped Tea, and 80% about your life, family, etc.

Are you even doing 20%? If not, GET STARTED as it works!

7. Recognize the entire world is your contact list

Write your Friends & Family list, but also think outside the box. Believe that everyone you meet is a possible customer, or promoter. Doesn't EVERY Person need a Way to unwind or relax?

8. Treat your business like a business.

A great book to read that aligns with this message is "The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson". I highly recommend this book! Do not treat this business as a hobby…you made an investment in a business not a bunch of products! Block out times in the day to work your business, but also block out your time for errands, family time, things you do on a daily basis.

9. Visualize it!


See yourself on stage as a Manager. Print out the compensation plan and Circle the level you want to achieve. Write I love being a "Steeped Tea Director" every day. Dream it, breathe it! Make a Vision Board, put photo’s on it, goals, etc. You need to have a road map to success. Know where you want to go. Use post-it notes to write "I am ____. I am _____ I am _____, whatever your goal may be.

10. LIVE Steeped Tea.

Wear your Steeped Tea branding gear.

Take Steeped Tea Info with you every where

Be ready to talk/share the Products & Opportunity.

How do I make money??

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~ New Consultant Incentives ~

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Keep on Sharing!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me :)

Or go right ahead and post on 'Steeping Beaus & Beau-TEAs" or Ginger's TNT Team Page!!