Animals in the Rainforest

By: Elisa Wren

Most deadly animals in the rainforest

Least Deadly- Electric Eel


South American Rattle Snake

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Poison Dart Frog


Black Caiman



Most Deadly- Mosquito

Bizarre Creatures of The Amzon

Candiru Fish


Peanut Head Bug

Glass Frog

Fishing Bat

Jesus Lizard

Bullet Ant

Poison Dart Frog

Electric Eel


Exotic and Wierd Animals

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

American Crocodile

White Headed Capuchin Monkey

Mexican Tree Frog

Golden Orb Weaver


Three Toed Sloth

King Vulture

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan



All 20 people I surveyed knew what a rainforest was.

Only 8 out of 20 said they knew where the largest rainforest was.

5 people said South America, 2 people said the Amazon, 1 person said Africa, and 1 person said Brazil.

13 out of 20 said they knew some animals in the rainforest. The rest said no.

7 out of 20 said they knew some animals were endangered, the others said no.

13 out of 20 people said yes they know what a shaman is.

17 out of 20 people said they knew the rainforest is being destroyed.

7 people said Passion flower. 9 people said Cats Claw, and 3 people said they didn't know.

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