2nd Primary News


It is always here and now, there is always the present moment to do the very best we can with, and the future depends on the way these moments are spent.

- Janet Erskine Stuart, rscj

60 Minutes of Math: Tuesday, February 3rd, at 5:00 pm

With Valentine's Day approaching, it is a great time to reflect on Goal One, love as you love. Take some time to talk with your girls about the many ways they receive and give love at home and at school.

Mardi Gras Holiday, No School: February 13th - 20th

English Language Arts


The Super magazine theme this month is The Inside Story. In this issue your daughter will find out what it’s like inside some familiar and not-so-familiar places, such as caves, a dog’s mind, and the White House. Be sure to ask your daughter about the Super magazine this month. What is the theme? What nonfiction articles has she enjoyed reading?


The two book club books that we will be reading this month are excellent but very different. Love and Roast Chicken, is a vibrant picture book based on a South American trickster tale. As students read this traditional folktale, they are sure to delight in the clever tricks Cuy the Guinea Pig uses to keep fox from eating him. Pinky and Rex and the Bully is a chapter book that explores challenges that children face in their real lives. This emotional story will capture the girls' attention from beginning to end. The book provides a great starting point for authentic discussions about bullying, teasing, being yourself, and accepting differences.

Book It
Book It folders are due on Friday, February 27th. The poetry selections have been provided for you this month. We chose 2 poems from the book, Kids Pick the Funniest Poems, that we think the girls will really enjoy!


In January, the girls did a SPLENDID job on their Personal Stories. They really enjoyed the process of writing longer stories that contain a beginning, middle and end. Come see them on display in our hallway! This month, we will be creating an Imaginary Story. You may notice your daughter using more details and vivid language in her weekly writing. We can not wait to see where their imagination takes them!

Show your Heart Day: February 6th. Students are allowed to wear free dress which includes red items.


We live in a world filled with numbers, many of which pertain to measures of things. It is not surprising, that measurement plays an important role in our everyday math. Our next areas of focus are:

  • measuring with yards and meters
  • measuring longer distances
  • developing concepts of perimeter and area
  • identifying units related to weight

Cultural Poster Project: Friday, February 27th at 8:10 - 9:20 am

We ask that a family member join us for a morning in learning about family traditions and cultures. We will be sending home directions and an example of a culture poster. More details will be coming soon.

The bookstore kiosk at the Mater Campus will be open February 5th and February 26th.