Henrico county

cool facts about it

The seal

the Henrico county seal has Pocahontas on it.
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Henrico county size and population

it is 245 square miles
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there is 314,932 4 % is rural and 96%


we are some of the only county that give there students laptops we have specialty centers

careers/ lifestyles

it can be physical labor or a desk job

the lifestyles are different because of diverse culture


judicial it has Juvenal court domestic and more.

legislative it creates local laws and approves the annual budget

executive oversees the county

county departments

fire department

put out fire that can be catastrophic

and save live

department of motorized

you can get your license

file for your new car

ambulance services

they come in emergency like when a woman is ready to give birth

the most important thing is that they save lives

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county services

children services because it help protect the children in unfortunate events

social service government services provided for the benefit of the community such as medical care

health service a public service providing medical care

fun facts

are county is 402

it is named after Henricaus the second English colony

science museum on west broad street

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