Welcome to Lineville

By: Madison


Are you super worried about Lineville? There's not to much different about Lineville from your old school, but there are a few things. There's nothing not to love at Lineville!


When you get to Lineville you have lockers, so here's a few things you should know. When opening your locker you first go to the right and land on your number. Then you go to the left and skip your second number once. After that keep on going left and then stop on the number. The final part is go back to the right until you land on your final number. You should also try to keep your locker clean so that you can open your locker and find things in it. Those are few things you should know about the lockers.


There are many things different things about lunch when you get to Lineville. You have three different lunch choices, cold lunch, commons meal, and district. Cold is when you bring your own lunch. Commons is school provided with A la carte choices, sometimes there's popcorn chicken and every Monday and Friday there's pizza. District is district provided and is what you get at elementary schools. Those are the three lunch choices, each one is good as long as you eat lunch.


There are not too many things different about hallways at Lineville but there are a few. When you walk in there is tape on the ground, red and blue. Red means zero zone so try not to talk, blue means level 1 so try to whisper when you're by the tape. You also have to stay on the right side of the hallway kind of like driving a car. There aren't to many different things about the hallways but those the very few.

After School Activeties

There are many after school clubs that you should know about. All clubs are after school activities.

  • volleyball

  • Baby sitting

  • Basketball

  • Cross country

  • Track club

  • Play

  • Archery (6th grade)

  • Movie club

Those are all of the clubs that I know about.


There are 3 different music choices orchestra, choir, and band. Choir is where you sing, you sing popular songs like Brave, jazzy songs like Blue Sky's, and old time stuff like Rainbow connection. In orchestra you work with string instruments like the violin and cello. You start with easy stuff like Twinkle and then move on to harder stuff like Bad Romance. In band you work with brass instruments and it's kind of the same as orchestra, but with instruments like the trumpet and trombone. Those are the three music choices and I hope you pick one you like!


There are many different things about specials you should know about. You already know about the music, but here are your three choices again band, choir, and orchestra.

Gym is way different here then at elementary schools. First, you have to change in front of other people. It isn't that bad, you just have to try to change as fast as you can. Instead of having one test you have 2, one on the iPad and one during the unit. There are many different units that you didn't have in elementary.

Tech and Spanish
I know you didn't have these classes in elementary so I'm going to tell you a few things about them. You have each of these for half of the year. In Spanish you do fun games and activities and the test aren't to long. In Tech you have typing and games that you do when your done with your work.


Art isn't that different, but just in case you're wondering there are a few different things. In art there are many different units like stuffed animals, optical illusions, and water color painting. You have a table that you sit at for the year and it's really fun.


See I told you there's nothing to major about Lineville other than the lockers, but those get easy. I hope you have a great year next year Good Luck!!!!!!

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I'm In The Orange!!!!

Hope You Have A Good Year!!!