Bigger Population?

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Sports Fans

There are lots of sports fan in our community. If Hesston added a sports restaurant they would get lots of service. Waiters and cooks would get paid a lot due to wages and tips that they would earn.


Students in high school are always looking for part-time jobs to help them with gas money and expenses in their average everyday life. Students under the age of 18 take up most the population. If we had more restaurants, there would be more job openings for these people.

More Restaurants, Bigger Community

More jobs, More money

Low Crime Percentages

Hesston has very low crime percentage. Hesston is a very safe community. Safe for children in school and for the family's all around.

Letting the Town Decide

If we created a ballot and let the community vote and choose if they do or do not want more restaurants or on what restaurants they wanted to add.