LaCocoDots November Kudos

Congratulations on a record breaking month!!

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Record breaking numbers!!

I have never been so excited to put together a month end kudos newsletter!! We broke records in team sales, team promotions, number of new stylists earning jumpstarts, and the most qualified stylists we've had on the whole team in a single month!! I have been so inspired and humbled by all the successes we've seen this month, both in big ways and is small ways. This is a team of courageous women who know what they want and they work for it!

Collectively, we sold $151,118.00 in November! That is AH-MAZE-ING!!!!!

This is going to be a LONG newsletter and I will not be able to capture all the wonderful things you each accomplished!! Here are at least a few of the highlights from November!

Marie Phelan signed up in middle of October and in her 2nd month, sold over $2800...$1100 of which was on Thanksgiving with family!!

Alison Frank started to re-engage the middle of November and managed to add two shows on the calendar for the end of November and two for December. Her goal was to qualify this month and she met that goal! Way to go Alison!

Alison Rubinas was determined to make the most of her jumpstart earning period. As a new stylist, she got creative about booking shows, did some amazing hostess coaching and ended up selling over $4,000 in November! She says she was lucky-- I think it's more than that!!

Debbi Sumner has shown dedication and passion for her new business. She has become one of our first Circle of Success Bonus earners which is super exciting!! Congrats!

Karen Cooke decided to build a team in October and helped each of her new team members launch in November with over $1,000 in sales! Leader in the making!! Congrats!

Amy Lodge has been a stylist for over two years and maintains her business as one of the sweetest brand ambassadors you'll ever meet! She had her best month this year with over $1,800 in sales!

Whitney Davidiuk moved from North Carolina to Florida earlier this year and has been building her business in a new state. She has been working to build connections and do more shows in her area. She also hit a personal best this month with over $5,000 in trunk show sales!

Caroline Kirkman became a new stylist when she moved to Utah where she didn't know a SOUL. She has been stepping outside of the box to network and build connections. She's been building momentum and had a stellar month with over

Lindsay Green donates her commissions to various charities- one in particular, Kindred Spirit. It's so exciting to see how she has been able to contribute to various causes, especially when she sold $5,556.18 in November! She's helping a lot of people in a BIG way.

Beth Okun hit a road block this month with her trunk shows. She did some MAJOR hostess coaching to save some shows and has maintained a healthy trunk show calendar and ended the month strong!

Karla Woods BEAT her goal in November-she wanted to qualify. She ended up selling over $1600 and earning her first jumpstart!

Jenna Davis sold a whopping $4,906 in retail sales, and Diana Tomosi sold an awesome $3,065, both only in their second month of Stella & Dot!!

SUPERMOMMA, Alissa Turnbull, not only had a baby on November 11th, but she also held trunk shows, coaching calls, booked for December AND earned her STAR pay rank. She is a force to be reckoned with and I'm amazed at what she continues to accomplish- give her a goal and she won't just reach it, she'll beat it!!!

Team Sales

Congratulations to every one of you who beat your best!! Congrats also to all the NEW stylists who made it on the leader board for November- what an accomplishment! Our team sales for November were a record breaking $151,118!!!!!!!!!

Name Retail Sales

Julie Foster $8,017.00

Roxanne Harrell $5,804.00

Lindsay Green $5,556.00

Whitney Davidiuk $5,532.00

Lindsey Sherman $4,946.00

Jennifer Davis $4,906.00

Alison Rubinas $4,321.00

Diana Tomosi $3,065.00

Debbi Sumner $3,039.00

Carolyn Barnes $2,922.00

Katy Barnes $2,837.00

Marie Phelan $2,811.00

Alissa Turnbull $2,669.00

Mirielle Reyes $2,638.00

Caroline Kirkman $2,575.00

Meagan Puckett $2,557.00

Beth Okun $2,383.00

Amy Lodge $1,827.00

Karla Woods $1,655.00

Kelly Jo Bluestone $1,499.00

Shannon Mcmasters $1,477.00

Francine Rucci $1,446.00

Andrea French $1,362.00

Anna Brock $1,270.00

Amanda Hlubek $1,238.00

Heather Kulisek $1,210.00

Amy Friend $1,157.00

Virginia Tracy $1,133.00

Ashley Bardash $1,098.00

Nicole Dykes $985.00

Alison Frank $903.00

Vicki Fox $852.00

Jumpstart Earners

Congrats to everyone in their jumpstart who has been earning free style rewards!

Name-- Style Rewards

Debbie Sumner $1150** Also a Circle of Success Bonus earner!

Marie Phelan $600

Jenna Davis $600

Alison Rubinas $450

Heather Kulisek $300

Helen Brock $300

Nicole Dykes $150

Shannon McMasters $150

Karla Woods $150

Vicki Fox $150


We've never had this many promotions on the team in one month!! Promoting to a new level is a thrilling experience, and is the result of consistent efforts, hard work and building a fabulous team. Each of these leaders have been an inspiration to us all and have done a fabulous job leading by example. And for our stellar new STARS-- I could not be prouder that you EACH accomplished the goal you set at HOOPLA to promote by the end of the year!! Woohoo!!

Welcome New Stylists!

Welcome to the new stylists who joined our team in November!

Jennifer Hilton, sponsored by Lauren Train

Ashley Firouzi, sponsored by Mirielle Reyes

iHappy Challenge: First Earner for LaCocoDots!

Congratulations to our first iHappy Challenge winner, Julie Foster!!!! I know she is going to LOVE having her new iPad... any advice for her on keeping her almost 2 year old from keeping it as her own??

One month left in the challenge-- who will earn it in December?

Congrats to Lauren Train on the birth of her baby boy!! What a beautiful family!

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Congrats to Alissa Turnbull on the birth of her adorable baby girl!! She's our newest stylist in training :)

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Katy Barnes, Director and Independent Stylist

Director: LaCocoDots Team