Reducing 4J Elementary Class Size

An Information Gathering & Organizing Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 6:30-8pm

1328 East 22nd Avenue

Eugene, OR

A “smaller class size” tops the list of changes many parents would most like to see to their children’s 4J elementary school but many feel that little progress is being made.

Oscar Loureiro, Director of Research and Planning at Eugene School District 4J and School Board Member Anne Marie Levis will join us to review the numbers and answer questions about reducing class size at your child's elementary school and around the District.

The Q&A will be followed by a strategy session on how to voice our concerns to the budget committee, school board and superintendent to achieve the best outcome.

Coalition to Reduce Elementary Level Class Size

We advocate for smaller classes to boost student learning, engagement, and lower disciplinary referrals at the elementary level.