Samantha Allen-3rd period


Laos is a gorgeous country that looks much like a flower on a steam. Laos has a population of 6.646 million ( 2013 ).There currency ( money ) is called laos kip. When it comes to food no meal is complete without sticky rise or spicy foods. When you are introduced to Laos you are most likely to see, large mountains, beautiful french colonial towns , and golden Buddhist stupas.

Interesting Pictures

Come in as guest, Leave as Family (slogan)

Geography/ climate

Laos is the only landlocked country in southeast asia. laos is nearly 3 quarters covered with mountains and forested hills that are to steep to live on.To travel over the land is not as easy as you think.The Mekong river is vital as a transportation route for cargo and passengers,a source of electricity at dams a water supply for crops and a home to fish which is an important food source to the people in near by villages.There climate is tropical monsoon; rainy seasons (May to November) dry seasons (December to April


Laos is one of the poorest countries on earth. Most of the people live in small rural communities near rivers. Many people don't have running water like we do, so they have must carry water from the river to their small wooden houses for cooking,cleaning,drinking, and washing. In Laos and other southeast asian countries people play a sport called Kataw.The game is kinda like volleyball, but the players cannot use there hands.


  • (2000) Bomb attacks hit the capital/ Government began decentralizing; more autonomy, budgetary responsibility given.
  • (2001) international monetary fund approved loan for $40 million to help strengthen economic stability, reduce property.
  • (2002) LCMD killed 3 soldiers during classes government denied claim.
  • (2005) Foundation stone for hydroelectric dam laid.
  • (2006) Choummaly Sayasone became president.
  • (2009) Thailand sent over 4,000 ethic Hmong asylum seekers back to Laos.
  • (2010) severe drought caused mekong river to drop to lowest level in 20 year,halted cargo traffic and boat tours.
  • (2011) Laos opened its first stock exchange.
  • (2011) Parliament gave president Choummaly an additional 5 year term.

Government & citizenship

Soon after independence from france in 1953, the country fell into turmoil; in 1975 the communist Pathet Laos seized power with help from North Vietnam. Many fled and many resettled in the united states. The economy is hampered by poor roads, no rail roads, and limited access to electricity . Laos is one of the few remaining communist states.

From Of Government



Major Industries: Cooper,tin, and Gypsum mining ; timber, electric power, Agricultural processing, construction, garments,tourism, cement.

Agricultural product : sweet potatoes,veggies,corn, coffee, sugarcane ,tobacco,cotton,tea,rice,water buffalo, pigs,cattle.

Natural Recourses: Timber, Hydropower, Gypsum, tin,gold,gemstones.

Major Exports: Garment, wood products, coffee, electricity ,tin.

Major Imports:Machinery, and Equipment, Vehicles,fuel,consumer goods.

Company List


John Deere & company, commonly known by it's brand name John Deere, is an American corporation based in moline, Illinois, and one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the the world.And so it would be best for Laos because it can help them move more trees to build homes etc.


starBucks would be a good company because Laos plants coffee beans and so does StarBucks.Also if Laos is introduced to StarBucks they would be open to new kinds of coffee beans/ flavors.


Siemens. As the world faces increasing environmental and economic challenges, Siemens is helping to ensure a balanced energy mix with sustainable solutions that focus on energy-efficent fossil power and clean, renewable energy. Which could help Laos with so many things, for example Electricity & Renewable energy/resources.


Newater. worlds largest high pressure, large diameter pipe company.The construction of 265 km long composite pipeline for transporting water.This would be a great company for Laos because every day they have to walk 3 to 4 hours just to get water.Traveling up and down mountains. And if Laos is introduced to this company they won't have to walk that fair anymore because Newater can create a pipeline threw the mountains to the villages saving them time to do other important thing's to keep them alive.


TransAm. Transam trucking is a premier carrier in the temperature-controlled freight industry, providing superior and reliable service to every customer. This would be great for laos because TransAm trucker can transport anything to any village in Laos. For example Food,water,furniture etc.