Thursday Brief

November 1


  • Reminder to remain in rooms until the designated bells at dismissal – please and thank you!

    · At the end of the day the office is trying to distribute change of transportation forms/mail, and we are unable to because students are no longer in classrooms. Office staff thanks you!

    · 2:55 bell – Bus/Latch Key/JH Walkers/Campus Care dismissals leave the room

    · 3:03 bell – Walkers and car pick ups leave classroom to designated area

  • ESL Spreadsheet 3rd tab on google drive is due November 9th.

  • Thank you to everyone for being flexible and making our first benchmark of the 2018-2019 school year run smoothly.

  • Please make sure if you are showing a movie NOT on Media Cast Nikol needs to have that form by Monday. It takes time to get it uploaded to MediaCast.


Site Based and Campus Improvement Planning is different now. The past meeting we talked about areas of challenge and strengths. Now we need to focus on creating 3-5 SMART Goals for our campus. Please work with your SBDM Representatives to give feedback on what those goals should be as well as discussion of potential "root causes" of those challenges. Thank you! Representatives are below:

3rd ELA: Nelson & Bentz

3rd Math: Wilson

4th S/SS: Fordyce

4th Math: Robinson

4th Writing: Clark

4th Reading: Lopez

Special Education: Debler

Danny Jackson

Our very own Danny Jackson will be inducted into the Flour Bluff Hall of Fame! If you weren't aware, he was quite the football player! Congratulations Mr. Jackson. I can't wait to cheer you on at the pep rally and game tomorrow!

Hamish Brewer

Watch this 16 minute video when you get a chance, but don't get any ideas about me getting covered with tatoos, graffiting the walls, or riding around campus on a skateboard.

Listen to the message he sends his students.

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Calendar November 1-9

1 Hearing/vision Screener

2 Art Fundraiser Ends

5 Nueces Delta (4th)POD 7

6 50th Day of School

November 5-9 Information sessions for Open Enrollment

6 Nueces Delta (4th)-POD 8

6 Veteran’s Day Visitor-Mr. McPartlin (Coast Guard)

6 Happy Birthday Mrs. McClendon

7 Nueces Delta (4th)-POD 9

8 Nueces Delta (4th)-POD 10

8 Paraprofessional/IT/SPED/Security Appreciation Day para

8 Veteran’s Day Visitor-Mr. Wyrick (Navy)

9 Nueces Delta (4th)-POD 12

9 Veteran’s Day Visitor-Mr. Beckwith (Army)

9 Happy Birthday Martha Daubenspeck

9 Happy Birthday Penny Robinson

November 12 - 16th Open Enrollment

November Birthdays! Happy Birthday!

Nov 6 Mary Lou McClendon
Nov 09 Martha Daubenspeck

Nov 09 Penny Robinson

Nov 15 Danny Jackson

Nov 20 Margaret Barnec

Nov 23 Brittany Hurst