Book Trailers R Us!

Creating Book Trailers

Book Trailers

Book Trailers are just like a Movie Trailer. Their job is to get you interested in the book so you will read it. Creating these are both easy and fun!

PhotoStory 3

PhotoStory is for photos or still images.

Time to PLAY!

Make a PhotoStory Project.

  1. Click on each of the images below and right click to "save picture as". Place it in a folder on the desktop that you have named something easy to remember.
  2. Open PhotoStory3
  3. Import pictures.
  4. Go through each step to create your project.
  5. Save project for playback on your computer AND save project!
  6. Have fun!

Microsoft Movie Maker

Microsoft Movie Maker

Movie Maker Video Editing Tutorial

Microsoft Live Movie Maker Guide This is the new version.


Animoto Basics

Go to

Sign up Free

  1. Click Create Video

  2. Click on a Design you like.

  3. Click Create Video.

  4. Follow the steps on the screen to add pictures and video. You may use your own or the animoto library.

  5. Click to add text. Text will be placed on separate slide.

  6. Use click and drag to reorder items.

  7. Click a picture, text, or video clip and look at options on right hand side to spotlight, rotate, delete, etc.

  8. Click Save - top right hand corner.

  9. When ready click Preview Video.

  10. If happy with video - Click Produce. If not - Click Edit.

  11. After producing video, Click Share button in top right hand corner to choose from sharing options.

  12. If you want to see a list of your videos, Click My Videos at top.

  13. Have fun creating 30 second videos for free.
How to Create an Animoto Video

Some examples using Animoto